Friday, June 24, 2011

White Elephant Tea

It is amazing how quickly the time flies  and three  months  have  passed  since  our Victorian  Tea.  The  theme  for  this  tea  was  "White Elephant"  at the  back  of  the  invitation  was  the  instructions for those  ladies  "brave"  enough  to join  us.........

Please  bring something from your home
that you have bought and never used, or seldom
used, DO NOT buy something new.

Please wrap your "White Elephant Gift" 
attractively in gift wrap,  not a gift bag
the fun is not  knowing what the  "gift" is...

The  table  was  "decorated"  with the  most  amazing looking  gifts.......  that  looked  almost  too nice to be  true.....  and they  were.......

All the  ladies  were  given  a number  and they could choose  a  gift,  did  we  laugh  people  had   really used  more  than  a  little  imagination  when  deciding  on what  to  bring, I have  not see  such  an  array  of  useless  gifts,  there  was  a car  coffee  maker, (apparently  by the  time  you get to  Durban  the  coffee  would be  hot  enough  to  drink), there  was  the  ugliest jam  server  I  have  ever  seen, and  I  mean  ever,  there  were  icing  pipers,  foot  massagers, there  were plastic  beads  to make  your  own  jewellery, there  were  some  quite  cool things  as  well..............  strongly  fought  for  I  might  add, the  twist  however  was  that you  were  allowed  to steal   the  gift from the  person before  you.................  at  one  point  I  thought  I  would  have  to call in  some  additional  help  and  911  was  already  on my  speed dial............ thankfully  we  were  all  good  Christian  ladies.........well almost  all of  us.

The  talk  for the  day  was  getting  rid  of  your  White  Elephants,  materially,  emotionally and perceptionally,    a friend  shared  with  us  her  life,  and how she had  to get  rid of her White  Elephants,  one  husband killed in a  car  accident,  one  husband  committed  suicide,  one husband had a stroke and is  completely paralised and one husband  divorced....................   and  how  she  has  had  to overcome anger, grief  and disappointments  and  I  know  that  a number  of  people were more  than a little  affected by  her  unique  life  story
We  shared  some  laughs,  and  drank  some  afternoon  tea,  we  played  some  games it  is  absolutely amazing  what  women  have  in there  hand  bags.  I was the  MC for the afternoon,  director  of  games and  sole  judge  and  jury.................  I was  not responsible  for the  photo's  that  was  Kayla's job,  all of which  she  took before  everyone had  arrived,  5 in total...........  thanks  Kayla................. thanks  Penny for the  idea,  it  was  great  fun.


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