Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Contemplation Corner

 Doubt is a  pain  too  lonely to  know  that  faith  is  his  twin  brother 
(Kahlil Gibran)

I  love sitting  around  a  table  and  chatting,  it  is  so  warm and  friendly,  there  is  no  chance  that  people  will keep  one  ear  on the  conversation  and  one  eye  on  whatever  is  going  on  around  them.  There  is  eye  to  eye  contact,  there  is  fellowship,  you  can  just  "feel the love".  I  would  rather  sit and  read  at  a  table  than  on  the sofa,  for  me  it  is  just  more  comfortable.

A  few years ago my ex husband (  it  feels  soooooooooooooooo  good  to be  able  to say that) built a little corner  at the  bottom  of the garden,  for  me.......  and  then he  filled  it  with  masks he  KNEW  that  i  do  not  like  masks  but  there  they  were  hanging  on  the  walls  a  constant  reminder  of  what  was  wrong,  of  the  evil  that  was  slowly evading  our  marraige,  and  our  lives,  just  like  the  wooden  voodoo  idol  he  had  in  our  bedroom  that  at every  opportunity  I  would  put  in the  drawer,  and  the  next  day  there  it  was  again,  mocking  me.........
A  few  weekends  ago,  I  was  in  mission  mode..............  again.................  and  decided  that  my  little  corner  had  been  dark  and  angry  for  long  enough,  so  I  removed  the  masks,  I  prayed  over  the  corner,  and  then  I  had  a  brain  wave,  I decided  to  paint  the  walls  a  bright  colour  to  warm  it  up,  when  my  sister  was  here  to  visit  we  decided  on  green,  and  so  a  couple  of  weeks  ago  I  bought  the  paint.............  I  love  to  paint.........  and  this  is  the  result................

I  am  having  a  small  sign  made  and  calling  my  new  solitude  corner  "Contemplation Corner"
over the  past  days  I  have spent  quite  a  lot  of  time  here  thinking...............  just  being  quiet  and  listening  to  the  birds,  listening  to  the  silence, and  being  quite  far  from the  house,  there  is  no  disturbances,  a  place  where  I  can  talk  and  listen  to  My  Father............

I am  so  seldom  alone,  that  it  is  so special  and  so  important  for  me to  take  time  every now  and  again  to  be   quiet,  I  feel  that  society  is discouraging  us  from  thinking,  it keeps  us  busy  filling  our  lives  with  "stuff" to do,  I  more  and  more  hear  children  say  they  are  bored,  I  was  never  bored  as  a child,  we  could  entertain  ourselves,  in fact I am  never bored now,  because  just  sitting  and  contemplating  is enough  for  me,  I  don't  need  games,  books,  people,  computers  to  keep  me busy,  solitude  and  quiet  and  God is  what  keeps  me  going.............

I  think  I  will tell my  friends  about  it,  so that when  they  need  to  get  away  for  a  few  hours,  and  have no where  to  go...........  they  can  come  to  "Contemplation  Corner"


  1. This post is so very insightful right now...kind of goes along with a post I just did about the simplicity of my Christmases as a child, where now they get way too busy!! I agree with you on many counts. How great to get rid of the masks...kind of symbolic of ridding yourself of false covers. Now you are spiritual and free to persue that peacefulness.
    Love your green corner...it's so EARTHY!!! I'd enjoy coming to medititate there with you sometime!!

  2. I'd feel pretty comfortable in that corner, it's color is similar to my kitchen! Everyone needs a place they can go to just be still and feel peace, I'm glad you have one that is all yours!

  3. Honey so glad you redid your space! I can not imagine anyone putting things up like mask knowing you did not want them. Wow you must feel good saying ex-....I can see you are growing each day stronger.
    If you love to paint I could sure use you around the ole farm house. haha
    Enjoy your new lovely space because You so deserve it
    Merry Christmas

  4. This is a brilliant idea Karen. When i will have a house of my house, i am sure gonna plagiarize your idea... there is nothing better than being with Nature. You don't have to do anything, we just have to be. And that is certainly the best way to find the answers to so many of the questions that elude us otherwise... your contemplation corner looks beautiful and i like that green, it is fresh and one with Nature.

  5. Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could 'follow you home' to find your contemplation spot. I enjoy quiet and solitude and soaking in the beauty of nature around me so can totally relate to your happy little corner.

    I will enjoy getting to know you a bit more thru following your blog!

  6. YOU are so right. That we need to get to know ourselves in quiet and thought. Love your corner and glad you made it yours.
    Thank you for your visit

  7. I like your way of thinking. We need our solitude to hear that voice inside.
    It's a perfect spot to contemplate. Beautiful. JB



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