Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cape Town Day Three

This  has  been  a  hectic  week,  but  I  refused  to do  another   blog on Cape  Town   until  I  had  caught  up  with  all my  friends  it  is  amazing  how  much  you  can  miss  in  just  a  few  days.
Our  last  day  in  Cape  Town  was  by  far  the  best  day,   up  early  as  usual,  bags  packed  and  down  for  breakfast  again  by  7.30,  another  "quiet"  breakfast,  bills  paid,  car  loaded  an  off  we  go  to  visit  a  wine  farm,  who  can  go  to  the  Cape  with  out  going  to  taste  some  wine.

We  couldn't  go  to  far    and  since  I  had  been  there  before  25  years  ago,  and  my  son - in -  law  was  keen  off we  went  to  Fairview  Wine  Estates,  now  I  am really  not  a  wine  drinker  so  we  were  given  the  instructions  on  how  you  should  taste  wine.  You  tilt  the  glass  slightly  down  preferably on a white,  or  light  background  and  have  a  look  at the  colour,  you  swirl  the  glass  to  release  the  fragrances and  you  take  a  deep  breath........  and  smell the  wine  and  then  only  can  you  taste.   If  the  wine  "bites: you  in the  throat  it  was  fermented  in  a  cask,  and  if  in the  cheeks  then  it  was  fermented  in a stainless  steel  drum,  I  thought  that  was  quite  cool  information. When  you  have  someone  talking  you  through  it  and  telling  you  what  you are  going  to  smell,  you  can  smell  the  green  peppers,  the  peach,  the  berries.  You  each  get  to  taste  6  wines    the  saving  grace  was  they  are  also  a  goat  cheese  farm,  so  you  also  get  to  sample  the  cheeses  in  between,  the  most  amazing  cheeses  I  have  tasted,  their  Blue Goats  Cheese  was  the  best  ever.

I  don't  know  what  it  is  about  me,  but  i  just   have  expensive  tastes,  if  there  is  4  dresses  on  a  rack  and  I  choose  the  one  I  like  it  would  be the  most  expensive  without  fail,  I  do  it  every time. And  the  same  with  the  wines,  you  get  a  list  of  wines  you  can  choose  from,  and  my  daughters  and  I  insisted  they  tasted  like   rotten  grapes.......... much  to everyone's  horror  and  amusement  so  he  brought  out the  real  wines.........  and  there  was  two  that  were  really  good........  I  mean  really  good..........  and   they were  double  the  price  of  any of the  other  wines,  only  900  bottles  are  made  each  year of  these  particular  wines..........  I  had  quite  a  bit  of  hand  luggage  by the  time  we  reached  the  airport........

And  then  we  went  off  to  Butterfly  World,  I  don't  think  I  have  ever  had  a  more  moving  experience,  you  go  into  a  massive  greenhouse,  and  you  are  surrounded  by  butterflies  of  every  colour,  every  size,  and  every  shape  you  can  image,  it  was  almost  like  being  Alice  in  Wonderland  in  3D  it  was  so  sureal  you  just don't  want  to  leave,  there  is  a  note  on the  door  as  you  leave,  "Please  check  your  nose,  hose  and  hair  for  hitchhikers..........." how  cool  is  that..................

Then  we  had  a  really  "happy"  lunch,  and  off to  the  airport,  we  arrived  with  3  minutes  to  spare,  but  we  made  it  and  for  the  first  time  in a  long  time,  I  wasn't  ready  to  go  home,  I  would  have  done  anything  to  stay  a  little  longer.  Best  part  is  Kayla  and  I  are going  again  at the  end  of  December  I  just  can't  wait............


  1. Sound very enjoyable. Glad you had fun.

  2. I've never been to a butterfly garden, but I only hear great things about visiting one. One of these days I'll get there! Sounds like a really fab trip and you always know a great one when you really want more time there. Love the big smile and dimples of the last pic..I guess it's hard not to smile with a butterfly on your shoulder!

  3. You made me laugh reading about the joy of "fine wines"! I am like that too, if there is an expensive item, my taste usually goes there too...yet I LOVE a bargain. Sounds like you have refined wine taste. That must have been a great time!! Cheese sounds good too. AND you are going back? That will be fun to look forward to! But then, anything with your daughters is fun too, huh?

  4. Aww.. that is a beautiful thing to say at the butterfly garden... i wish i could visit that place... I am glad that you had a good time in Cape Town...

  5. What an adventure! Thanks for sharing the pictures. It sounds like you really enjoyed your time there.

    Thank you for stopping by for coffee this week. My sister has a saying that I didn't share there. It's "Always remember the magic of a smile and a happy thought."

    May you be blessed today and in the upcoming week as we approach Christmas!


  6. There is a butterfly house close to wear I live. I love it. Its so peaceful quiet and beautiful. The picture with the butterfly is beautiful.
    I'd love to do a wine tasting. That sounds like a lot of fun especially the yummy cheese snacks in between.

  7. Lol. * where* rather. WHERE I live.

  8. The butterfly house sounds lovely! I've never done a wine tasting, but would love to. My hubby is not a wine person...I need a few friends to volunteer to help me out there. That tower with the goats is absolutely amazing!
    Your trip sounds like such a fun time. You would be a wonderful travel partner, you know!



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