Monday, November 29, 2010

Cape Town Day Two

I  think  that  I  am  in  love,  Cape  Town  is  an  amazing  place,  I   just  love  the  feel  of  it,  everyone  is  so  friendly  and  there  is  so  much  to  do.  Saturday  morning,  after  I  had  blogged,  we  had  breakfast  we  invited  a  friend  to join  us..........  the  owner  of the  place  said,  he  had  never  had  such  a  noisy  breakfast  before,  but  all his  other  guests  loved  it,  a  couple  from  Australia,    and  a  newly  married  couple  from  Durban  who  spent  all their  time  in  their  room................. soon  became  laughing  accomplices,  there  is  no  better  way  to  start  the  day.

Off  to  see the  Castle  of  Good  Hope  in  the  heart  of  Cape  Town,  it  is  amazing  to  know  that  people  have  been  walking  around  there  for 350  years,   the  jails  were awful,  but  the  dining  room..............  seats  120  people,  it  was  beautiful  I  could  just  picture  all the people sitting  around  it  in  there  long,  corset  dresses, being  waited  on  hand  a  foot  by  an  army  of  servants........  probably  slaves........  wonder  if  I  can  have  my  60th  birthday  party  there...........  the  old  bakery  and  the  wells  right  in  the  middle  of  the  kitchens,  wonder  how  many  people  fell in  there,  truly  a  time  of  many  hardships,  but  also  of  community  and  togetherness.

  There is  a  cannon  fired  every  hour  on the  hour,  as  we  arrived  there  and  we  were  paying  to  go  in   the  10 o'clock  cannon  was  fired,  well  i  got  such  a  fright  I screamed  and  everyone  was  laughing  at me,  I  was  prepared  for the  11 o'clock  firing  with  fingers  planted  VERY  firmly  inside  my  ears.......... you  have  no  idea  how  much  noise  that  tiny  cannon  can  make.

Then  off    to  the  Two Oceans  Aquarium.  I  have  been  wanting   to  go  through  the  tunnel  for  ages,  and  it  was  a  little  disappointing  as  it  turned  out  to  be  half  a  tunnel,  but  Kayla  and  I spent  a  couple  of  hours  wandering  around  along  what  felt  like  50 000  other  tourists,  the  place  is  really  beautiful  but  VERY  expensive........

And  then  off to  the  wedding  our  whole  purpose  for  coming to  Cape  Town........

but  that  well ........... how  could  one  describe it ............ for  me the  saddest  part  was  that  God  was  not  invited  to the  wedding  but  I  pray  that  he  was  there  anyway.   but  THAT  is  a  blog  all by  itself.......  back  to  Tintagel  Guest  House  for  me,  but  the  others  hit  the  night  clubs............  a  warm  bed  and  a  hot  cup  of  tea ...........  mmmmmmmmm  ....  just  what  I  needed......


  1. I would love to visit this place someday. Cape Town sounds and looks so interesting... When are you coming back home?

  2. Sounds like such a wonderful place! Starting the day off with laughter and ending it with peace and comfort..doesn't get any better. It's a sad fact of life today that God doesn't get invited in to much of our daily lives. I'm curious about the post that you'll do about the wedding!

  3. Cape Town sounds's on my list of places that I would love to visit someday!! It sounds like your visit is fun and truly resting...the best!! Like yaya above doesn't get much better than laughter and peace! Thanks for the beautiful photos so we can see too. Have a great time!!!

  4. What an exciting, and fun adventure. I too would 'see in my mind' the same thing you the dining table. And I could probably hear the wine goblets hitting the huge wooden table as they drank in merriment.

  5. Thank you for posting the pictures. It's a beautiful place! We have a friend who is from Cape Town.
    I'm a warm bed, hot cup of tea person myself!!

  6. Sounds lovely. I can picture you screaming when the canon sounded. :) I would have done the same - I'm jumpy that way.
    That last picture...what an amazing building. Oh, my!
    I love that you shared all these photos. I've never seen anything like that place. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog today! That place sounds beautiful. I would love to visit that part of the world someday!
    We went to a wedding this weekend too, but God was definitely there. You're right... how sad about that one.



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