Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another quiet weekend.......

 "Be  Realistic expect  nothing  less than  a  miracle"

I  wish  I  was  one  of  those  people  who   could   "pace"  my  weekends,  it  seems  like  I  try  and  cram  as  much  as  I  can  into  weekends,  they  are  really  just  so  much  fun,  and  I  hate  to  waste  a  moment  of  them. This  weekend  was  an  amazing  weekend,  on  Saturday  we  were  up  at  the  crack  of  dawn......  in fact  I  am  beginning to  think  that  I  actually  wake  the  dawn............    picked  up  Kira  and  my  friend  Cherry  who  is  a  dress  designer  and  is  going  to  make and  design   the  dress  for  my bestest  friend's  soon  to  be  daughter  in laws   wedding  that  we  put  together  a  month  ago......  and  we  were  off  to  buy  the  material.......... at  a  fabric  shop  aptly  called  the "Bargain  Store",  it  really  has  amazing  prices,  the  only  downfall  is  that  it  is  an  hour  away  from  my  home  town.

...... and  so  the  fun  began  not  only  did  Pamela  have  to  choose  her  material  and  lace, and  everything  else  needed  for the  amazing  dress  that  Cherry  designed,      my  two,  Kira  and  Kayla  decided  they  also  wanted  dresses  made  for  a  wedding  that  we  are  going  to  at the  end  of  this month.....  Cherry  was  going  between  all three girls,  we  kept  losing  her  amongst  the  material  rolls  .......  I  was  going  crazy  just  watching  her.......... and  the  shop  assistants  were  looking  at  us  as though  we  had  really  lost  the  plot......  which  I  think  at  some  point  we  did.   I  did  look  at  patterns for the  wedding  at the end of the month,  but  decided  that   expecting  Cherry,  friend  or  not  to  make 3  dresses  in  three  weeks  was  just  a  "little"  bit  on  the impossible  side,  so  I  will have  to  buy  myself  a  dress......... 
Two  hours  later  we  were  all  finished,  in  more  ways  than  one,   and,   as  we  don't  have  a  MacDonald's  in  Heidelberg  the  town  is  too  small,  we  went  for  breakfast  at  one  there........  not  sure  why  people  eat  this  food,  it  really  tastes  like  tomato  sauce  on cardboard..............   as  far  as  I am  concerned  the  old  edible  thing  there  is  the  Apple  Pie.
Back  to  Heidelberg we  drive,  where  we  had  a  marathon  two   hours,  taking  measurements  for  the  wedding dress and  the  bridesmaids  dress,   who  is  3  and  going  to have  the  identical  dress to  her  mom ......  then the sweet  factory to  buy  some  sweets  for  a  childrens  home .......  then  the corner  clothes  shop  that  always  has  lots  of  bargins at  really  good  prices .........  and  we  did find  some......
At  1o'clock  I  had  a  meeting for  the  holiday  club coming up in  December ,  and  off  everyone  else   went  to my  favourite  coffee  shop .........  and  then  we  chilled..........    Pamela's  daughter,  also  a  Kayla,  had  a  blast,  here  she  was  trying  on  all my  Kayla's  sun  glasses,  talk  about  a  face  covered  in   "happy  dirt"
Not  sure  if  it  is  just  in the  name,  but  the  two  Kayla's  never  stop  talking..........  and  got  on like  a  house  on  fire........  which we  had  the  other  day,  when an extension  cord  caught  fire,  but  we  were  saved by  Levy  our  labrador who  warned  us  of the  fire,  and  for  once  I  didn't panic.....  which  is  a miracle  in  itself....... no  damage  done.....  who would have  believed  Kayla if  she had  called  for help   after  her  last  house  on  fire  saga............  talk  about  crying  wolf.

mmmmmmmmm  here  they  are  sitting  on my  beloved  verandah.......  this  is  the  view  that  I  enjoy,  with  my  morning  coffee........ and  where  I  type  most  of  my  blogs.

And  then  a  fantastic  surprise  my  sister  phoned  me,  and asked  if  they  could  come  for  lunch on   Sunday,  it  is  very  hard  for  them  to  get  away  from  their  farm......  so  this  was  only  the  second  time  she  has  visited.  so  with  my marathon  day  on  Saturday  I  had  not  had  time  to  shop.....  so  guess what   I  was  up  at the  crack  of  dawn  to  get  to  town  to get  some  shopping  like  me  Linda  is  an  early  riser,  so  they  were  expecting  to  be  here  at  about  10am.
I  think  she  knew  the  state  of  mind  I was  in,  with  all the "drama"  that  I  am  going  through  in the  next   few  weeks..........     my  nephew  and  his  girlfriend came   along ,   Kira  and  Jan  .......  and  as  my sister  says......  it  was  a  very  "Happy  Day".  Full  of  eating  and  laughing  and  catching  up,  it  is  quite  a  while  since  I  have  been  able  to  get through  to  her  to  spend  a  weekend.

Me  eating  again....  thank  goodness  for  gym   I  am still going  4  days  a  week,  or  I  would  be  "Bessie  Bunter"  with  my  sister  Linda  and  husband  Allen.

My  nephew,  and  his  girlfriend  Claire  and  Kayla

My  son  in  law  Jan,  a  really  happy  day,  but  I had  to promise  Kayla  that  I  would  make  no  arrangements  for the  next  few  weeks,  as  she  is  going  to  start  writing  exams  and  so  needs  to  study.......  so  maybe  I'll  get  more  chance  to  blog...    here's  hoping...........


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend - but really fun! I love spending weekends with friends and family. It looks like you do, too! Your veranda view looks lovely! I can picture you typing away on your computer. :)

  2. Whew, I thought I had busy times, but you put me to shame! Isn't it great to meet with family and friends and enjoy the laughter and catching up? Your veranda does look like a fun place to hang out..almost like having another room, but outdoors! I too tend to cram my weekends full, but with working like we do all week, it's the only time we have! Have a good week!

  3. I am like YaYa Whew! lol
    wow what a weekend but even trying to read between the lines as I sometimes do I think you had a good time.
    Staying busy is sometimes the only medicine we have to take but then you need your time too.
    Wish I could spend some time with you on your veranda glad you showed it to us. Here I am talking about you needing me time and I am inviting myself over. hahaha
    Well it would take me a few days to get there so I guess that would be your time. Sorry now I am blabbering.
    My tinkerbell woke me at 3am and I can not for the life go back to sleep so I am catching up with friends.
    Love ya

  4. Karen, I don't think that moss will ever grow on you because you are always on the move. You had a pretty busy weekend.

    As I'm exploring your blog, I'm leaving comments without looking at the dat but I feel that I'm part of the gang as I see familiar faces in the comments. JB



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