Sunday, November 7, 2010


Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream
Make him the cutest that I've ever seen
Give him two lips like roses and clover
Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over 

On  Friday  I  was  exhausted,  the  week  was  really  busy,  with  an endless  stream of  queries  which  no matter  what,  always  seem  to  end  up  on my desk,  which  I  might  add  is  beginning  to  look  like  a  paper  recycling plant,  maybe  I  should  change  my  name  to  Sherlock  Holmes............
I  took  Kayla  for  supper  and  we chilled , which is the  new  word  for  sat and relaxed and has  nothing  to do with the weather  because  it was  actually  still 25 degrees  at   9pm....... why we  needed  a  new  word  I  am  still not  quite  sure, anyway  we  relaxed   in front  of the  TV  and I  nodded  off,  TV  has  this  effect  on me,  I  am not  sure  whether  it  is the  boring  programmes  or the  fact that  I  am  sitting  still which  is  not  something  I  do  very  often, I woke  up  at  10pm Kayla  assured me  she  was  not  asleep  and  was  just  resting  her  eyes.......  anyway  off  to  bed  we  went................

And  there  I  lay  all  comfortable  in my  bed  ready,  willing   for  Mister  Sandman  to  come  and  send me  off  to  dream  heaven..................  and  I  waited................  and  I  waited..........  maybe  he  was  busy  with  all the  fireworks  maybe  there  was  a  whole  load  of  children  who  couldn't get to  sleep  I  mean  he  has  the  whole  world  to  look  after............  so  I  decided  to  help  by counting  some sheep,  flocks  of sheep,  I  counted  every sheep  ever  born  or that  ever  will be  born  I  counted  them  jumping  over  the  gate,  the  moon  I  counted  them  on the  hillside  climbing  up  mountains.................

Right  tea  time,  and  back  to bed  with  a  book,  I am reading  it first,  to  make sure  it is suitable for a young  guy  at  work,  who  is  a new  Christian  who  is  really under  attack,  and  I have  heard  some  weird,  reviews  about  this  book,  I  transgress  again,  I  read  for  about  half  an hour  and  tried  again................  the  sandman  was  obviously  still busy..............   I sprayed mood  enhancer  in Lilly,  in Coffee  and  one my  bestest  friend  gave  me which  sends  her  on  her  way  to  sleep  land  when  she  uses  it ..................  nothing.............  my mind  was  like  a  racing  car................  like  an  automatic  machine  gun  that  never  runs  out  of  bullets  like  those  perpetual  motion  balances  that  swing  backwards and  forward  for  hours ..........  how  do  you  stop  your  mind  from  thinking,  it  is  almost  as  though  it  has  a mind  of  its  own............ surely  I  am  in  charge,  surely  I  can  tell it,  it  is  time  to  switch  off  the  lights  and  go  to  bed,  it  has  worked  for  my  children  for  years...............
Right  it  is  now  2 o'clock  and  time  for  tea  my  answer  to  all evils.............  and  I  switched  on the  TV,  took  my  pillow  and  blanket  this  time,  because  my  neck  is  still a little  stiff  from  earlier  on in the  evening,  hoping  that it  it  would  send  me  to  sleep,  it worked   before  maybe  it  will  work  again,  hoping  it  would  bore  me  to  tears  and  send  me  off  to  that  unattainable  land  of  sleep.............. well  it  was  a  really  good  movie  which  I  watched  until  3.30am  called  For  the  Love  of  Grace  one  of those  girlly  movies  that  men  hate,  which  leaves  you  feeling  all  glowing  and  restoring  your  faith  that  somewhere  maybe  there  will be  someone  who  will one  day  love  you  that  much........  now  I  am  sure  that  on this  feel  good  note  I  can  get  a  couple  of  hours  of  sleep................. 

NOW  the  cat  decides  that  the  mouse  who  shares  our  house  has  lived  here  long  enough,  NOW he  decides that  he  has  gone  too far............  being  "wary"  please  note  not  "scared"  of  mice........  I  lay  in my  bed  and  heard  the  little  thing  squeak  as  our  champion  hunter  chased  him around the  house  ....................... it  sounded  more  like  a  lion  and a buffalo  than  a  cat  and a tiny  little  mouse............  eventually  it  was  quiet  and  all I  could  thing  about  was  Peroni  eating  this  tiny little  mouse  and  praying  that  he  would  not  feel  the  need  to  bring it  to me  as a gift............................
I  can  feel  my  eyes  closing .......................... sleep  is  on its  way.....................  and  then the  jangling of  bells ............  I  forgot  to switch my alarm  off  it  is  4.30am  so  I  get  up  make  some  tea...............................................


  1. Oh I hate it when that happens. Falling asleep when you should be awake and wide awake when you should be asleep. Rest easy.

  2. Oh dear, I hope that the Sandman arrives on time tonight!

  3. In our part of the world we have the "time change" that happens every fall (and then again in spring)..the saying is: "Spring forward, fall back" we turn the clocks back an hour and that's the end of daylight savings it's dark earlier and I hate that! I wish they would just leave it be... It messes with my internal clock! Hope sleep comes easier tonight and this work week won't be so grueling.

  4. back from a trip. your post hit home it's 3a.m. and i'm awake. the heat in the house gave me a headache. i thought i'd catch up on readig blogs, but must try to get the sandman to help me close my tired eyes. take care rose

  5. Oh yes that sort of night... i agree.. it has happened to me. I wonder where the Sandman actually goes during such times...

  6. The tea-chocolate combination is my salvation. Thanks for visiting and prepping for the quiz.
    Have a great day and sleepful night!

  7. back again thanks for taking the time to comment on my post re decorating. i try to make our home open and comfortable. take are rose

  8. Oh my....sounds so typical of me and my nights too. Wonder just what it is? I think there is a conspiracy here. At least a theory somewhere.

    Of course I don't work, so I don't have a paper recycling bin or plant anywhere near me. But the cat and mouse game at the wee hours of the night sure does sound familiar.

    I'm really glad you stopped by and left a comment for me. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to have you share this with me. Thanks, and do stop by again sometime.

  9. Karen what a night and it is sad that we have these nights. I can so relate and I am with you is there nothing more boring than the TV programs now of days.
    Funny how you wrote this though very entertaining. How you laid there through cat chase is beyond me I would of be the one running. I laugh to think I can stand up to big two legged animals but when it comes to the little tiny ones with fur and four legs I am a chicken.
    Get some sleep

  10. Oh sorry I meant to answer your question about Thanksgiving. Just invite friends and family that you want to be with and fix their favorite dish and just sit around and laugh and give thanks for each other.
    I always fix Turkey and dressing but anything would be fine.
    Hope this helps

  11. I think it's just happenstance. Some nights, it's off to dreamland...some nights not. My habits are much like yours, watching TV and fall asleep I think because of commercials! They are just too long and boring, my mind turns off. Then go to bed and i am awake. If I read and the book hits me in the face the third time, I put it down because I am sure I am driftiing off...ha! But then there are nights of worry and I just have to think. Those are looong nights and no tea or milk can help.
    I admire you reading the book ahead of your young are right, sometimes literature is not good for the mind.
    Hope you rest well tonight!

  12. Oh, I can relate! I loved this post, because it made me feel like I'm not the only one! Tea? I'll have to try that. :)

  13. I used to do that all the time. Couldn't get to sleep and would lay there for hours tossing and turning. Nothing worked. I even went to the doctor about it. Had lots of blood work done and nothing. Then a month later I got an email about the prescriptions I was taking for my allergies. They apparently had lots of complaints about that being one of the side effects plus a long list of others that I was having also. I quit cold turkey. Had withdrawals from it along with night sweats for a good week or two. Then and finally then I was able to lay my head down on my pillow and go directly to sleep!

    Have a Great Week!



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