Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eighteen today

Today  is  my  baby  girls  eighteenth  birthday,  I  cannot  believe  the  time  has  flown  by  so  quickly  it  was  only  yesterday  that I  held  her  in my  arms  for  the  first  time,  where  have  the  years  gone............... After  the  birth  of  my  fist daughter  they  told  me I  would have,  no  more  children  and  I was  okay  with  that  I  had  a  little  girl,  a  career  to  build.
And  then  10 years  later I was  feeling  a  little  sick.........  with  my  first  pregnancy  I was  sick  for eight  and  a  half  months,  and  put  on  only  5  kilograms,  left  the  hospital  in  my normal  jeans................ so  off  i  went  to the  doctor,  I  thought  he  has  lost  his  mind  when  he  wanted  to  do  a  pregnancy  test..............  and  it  was  positive.....................
I  cried  all the  way  back  to  work.............  told  my  boss  I  needed  to  go  home................... it  is  strange  how  when  you  know  you  have  a  little  person  growing  inside  you  how  quickly  you  accept  how  quickly  you fall in  love..............   I  was  sick  again  for 8 months  at  one  time  they  wanted  to  put  my in hospital  because  I  had  pulled  the  muscles  in  my  back,  I  lived  off  bread  with  sugar  on.............   that  was  about  all I  could  keep down.........  mind  you  if  you  think  about  it  I at  least  got I my  starch  and  sugar  intake  each  day.

I  went  to  the  doctor  in the  morning,  to  do  a lung  test on the  baby, the  doctor  phoned  to  ask  where  I  was,  and  I  told  him  at  work.............  they  wanted  to  do  the  ceaser   at  9 that  evening..........  They  allowed  Kira  to  hold  her as  soon  as  she  was  born  and  they  have  had  a  special  bond  ever  since...  I  must  admit  she  was  the  ugliest  baby  I  had  ever  seen,  she  looked  like  a  little  vulture..........  talk  about  turning  into  a  swan............
The  second  night  I  was  in hospital  one  of  the  water  pipes  broke  and  the whole  floor  was  flooded,  they  nurses  had  dished  out  sleeping  pills  to  all the other   Mom's,   so  24 hours  after  having  Kayla,  I  was  helping  move  sleeping  moms  and  babies  into  other  rooms,  the  next  day  I  got  a    bouquet  of  flowers  from  the  hospital  to  say  thank you.........  It  was  in  hospital  I  met  my  friend  Helen,  she  and  I  had  daughters  on the  same  day,  and  when  we  were  chatting  we  discovered  we  had  much  more  in  common,  out  older  daughters  were  also  the  same  age.............  we  became  good  friends.
Kayla  had  a  difficult  first  six  years,  and  eye  operation  at  three months  for  blocked  tear ducts,  tonsils  out  at  18 months she  was  always  sick,  and  then the  big shock,  we  discovered  she  was  born  without  a hip  on her  right  hand  side.............  something  they  should  have  picked  up  at  birth...............  12  hospital stays,  and  two  operations  later,  lots of  sleepless nights,  hydro therapy, physio therapy, occupational  therapy, and  any other therapy  that  you  can  think  of she  could  walk.  I  think  at  some point  I  should  write  a  book  about  those  6  years.

And  now  here  we  are  18 years  old....................  Happy  birthday  baby................


  1. Karen, what a gorgeous daughter you have! Hope your birthday celebration is wonderful! It was interesting reading your reflections on her birth. I always do that on my childrens birthdays too. My twins were premies...I was so sick during the whole pregnancy too and when they were born our parents called them little monkeys. I laughed at your " vulture"!
    I'm so behind in reading and commenting on blogs. I have been immersed in my daughters painful divorse. On reading your last post I see you know what we are going through. If you were a lawyer, I'd hire you! Life hands you some lemons sometimes so you just have to make that lemonade. It involves celebrating the special moments as they your beautiful daughters birthday. Have fun!

  2. Oh my! Sounds like she was quite the surprise and quite the gift! I cannot imagine the stress and worries and pain you must have felt in those first years... God bless you all!

  3. Happy Birthday to Kayla! She's a beautiful young lady. :) My goodness, she had a lot to go through at first. I'm glad she's OK now.
    Yes, I think a book would be very interesting!
    Have a great week.

  4. 18? Time flies, doesn't it? She's beautiful! Happy Birthday! As for your tea - sounds great! If you're doing a clean out your house theme check out the video on this post: It was so much fun and my girls want to do it AGAIN this summer! A great way to recycle (but, alas! Many came home with stuff, but they USE it!) ;)

  5. Happy Birthday Kayla! My kayla is 14. Time really does fly. She definately turning into a beauty!

  6. She's beautiful and I think you should write that book! Happy Birthday Kayla! Life's surprises can be the best of gifts.

  7. She is an amazing girl Karen. Beautiful, soft, and warm. I could hardly guess she has such a hard story behind her but that is what makes her more beautiful. happy birthday Kayla.

  8. Oh wow! You definitely had a miracle baby! Happy Birthday to her and congrats to you!
    I had two miscarriages after my first two and still had problems after the 2nd. So much so that they had me get an ultrasound done. The tech said, "Well, the baby is doing fine." ???? Excuse me? Apparently my youngest was supposed to be twins!
    And as for bread with sugar... no big! I have a friend that could only keep down twinkies and ice cream... Or maybe she just said that so I'd stock up.
    She is beautiful!

  9. Hi there Karen

    This was such a beautiful blo about the madam (LOL) I always enjoy your blogs (Wish mine were as interesting as yours )

    Loves and kisses

  10. Your Baby Girls 18th Birth Day is such an very happy Moments for you. many many happy returns of ths day for your baby girl. Times are Passes away Very Quickly.



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