Wednesday, March 16, 2011


If  I  had  any  time  at  all to  blog  I  would  tell you  that the  last  few  months  have  flown  by  so  quickly,  that  I  feel  like  my  life  is  moving  like  a super  sonic  jet,  you  don't  see  it  just  hear  the  noise  as  it  breaks  the  sound  barrier. If  I  was  to  tell you  about  what  I  have  been  up to,  I  would  tell you  about  the  birthday  present  that  the  girls  bought  me  for  my birthday,  his  name  is  Dash  and  is a Jack  Russel  and the  naughtiest  thing you  have  ever  met  in your  life, and he  has  me  wrapped  around  his  paw  already.

 I would tell you  the  wedding  that  we  started  organising  in  October,  was a success and was on the  26th  February and was absolutely  beautiful  everything was  perfect,  the  bride  looked  beautiful,   the  best part  for  me  was  the brides  dance  with  her  father it   brought  tears  to everyone's  eyes  it  was to the  song  "Butterfly kisses", and  was  just  so  special. The  fact  there  was  a  really  sexy  guy sitting  next  to me,  and  we  laughed  all night  had  nothing  to do  with  it at  all.............mmmmmmmmmmmm.

If  I  had  time  to  blog  I will tell you  I  have  been  to  court  3  times  in the  past  month  to  get  garnishee  orders  so that  my  ex-husband (  still feels  really good  to say  that)  pays  the  court  ordered  maintenance, not exactly my favourite  place  in the  world,  but at  last  step  one is  done,  I have  a garnishee for the arrears  and  step two,  for the  monthly maintenance  is  well down  the  road......  I knew  I should  have  been  a  lawyer.

If  I had  any  time  left  at the  end  of the  day  to  blog,  I  would  tell you  about  my son-in-laws  surprise  birthday  party  on Saturday  the  theme  was  St  Patrick's  day,  he  just  loves  everything  Irish,  it  was  great  fun,  and  much  fun  was  had  by  all,  it  was  held  at our farm,  just  on the  outskirts  of  Heidelberg,  there  was  no entry  unless  you  were  dressed  in green.

I would  tell you  that  the  food  was  absolutely stunning..............  the  cake  was  made  by my "bestest"  friend  in the  whole  world..........

If  I  wasn't  so  busy  and  I  didn't  know  whether  I  was  coming  or  going,  whether  I  was  here  or  there, whether  I  was  upside  or  downside,  whether  I  was  Arthur  or  Martha,  in fact  I  would have  so much  to tell you  if  I  didn't  feel  like  this...............................


  1. LOL! You are so cute!!! Sounds like you have had a very merry time (and very busy!) I LOVE that little pup you got!!! What a gift that keeps on giving! Jack Russel's are SO incredibly smart and active. That alone would wear you out and take up all your blogging time!!! Glad the wedding went well (pictures look lovely!) Get some rest when you can!!!

  2. Great pics, fun times and a cute that's how life should be lived! Oh, and a little cutie pie to laugh with at a wedding is just icing on the cake! From all the smiles you are sharing, I'm thinking life is going the way you want. Keep having fun Karen!

  3. I love these pics Karen... you look so so cute...

  4. Dear Karen,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for a visit. Sounds like you are really busy! I just love the first picture of your little dog...and I know what you are is so easy to become attached to pets...even when they are mischievous!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  5. glad things are on a uphill swing....great photos...cute puppy

  6. Hell I know that feeling! Can't believe you got a dog for your birthday. I got an IOU...

  7. If you don't have time to blog, at least it looks like you're having a good time being busy! Well, except for the court part!

  8. I'm with you Karen! My life too feels on full spped tilt!!
    My dog is the center of most days around here too, unless the grandkids are here!! Your buddy is adorable!
    The wedding looks just beautiful!! The St. Patrick Day BD party looks like a lot of fun!! The cake looks fabulous...and yum!!

  9. Congrats on your naughty dog!!! We enjoyed St. Pat's Day around here too, but not with a great hat like that!

  10. Looks like the fun time are o'plenty over there. What a beautiful wedding.

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