Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Wild Wild West

Well,  I  cannot  believe  how  long  it  has  been  since  I  have  had  time  to  blog,  but  after  this  weekend I  will  at  last  have  some  time,  holiday  club is  done and  dusted   ladies  retreat  is  this  weekend,   Kayla's matric  farewell is over,  and  now  the  final  3  months  and  Kayla  is  finished  with  school  and  on  to  University.  Kayla  got  her  drivers  license  so  is  now  mobile,  now  she  needs  a  car,   So with exams just around the  corner  we  have  no  plans  the  only  plan  is for  Kayla  to study,  study,  study  and  i  will  be  at  home  hopefully  blogging  and  reading  all  my  friends  blogs,  boy  how  I  have  missed  all the  fun  things  my  blogging  friends  get  up  to,  Kathy,  Donna,  Maggie,  Pennie,  and  so  many  others.

In    last  month  I  did  have  a  holiday  a  week  away  at the  coast,  but  I  decided  to  leave  my computer  at  home  and  just  read,  some  quiet  time  with  my God,  some  inspirational  reading,  some  deep  contemplation  and  self  analysis  and  I  was  good  to  go................  The  girls  decided  they  wanted  to  do  everything  different  so  we  could  not  go  to any  place  we  had  been  before,  so we  found  a  whole  load  of  new  places  and  they  wanted  to  do  something  extreme,  either  jumping  off  the  highest  bridge  in  South  Africa  or  doing  a 4 hour    bush,  beach  and night  horse  ride,  we  voted ..........and  the  horse  ride  won.  At  the time  I  thought  it  was a  good  idea,  but  in hindsight  at  least the  bridge  jumping  would  have  been  over  in 5 minutes ...........

So  off we  went,  when  I  saw  the  horses  I  didn't want  the  third  horse  from the  right,  its  foot  was  raised  and  it  looked  ready  to  go............................  haha  its  name  was  Jet,  and  here  I  am  on  Jet
we  took  a  while  to  get  to  know  one  another,  but  he  really  was  quite  a  sweetie,  you  just  had  to  keep  him  on a  very........  short  rein..........

(Please  note  the  apprehension  on my face)
Some  of  the  people  had  never  been  on horses  before,  luckily  we  have  horses  so  we  were  all quite  confident,  we had  an  hour   walkthrough  the  bush, to  get  to  the  beach, I  was  nearly  decapitated  a  few  times  by  low  hanging  branches  and  I  forgot  when  I  bent  forward,  to  miss  a  branch,  to  put  my legs  forward  instead  they  automatically  go  backwards,  and  after  nearly  do  a somersault  over  the  horse  head........  I  quickly  learnt  that  lesson.

In order  to  get  to  the  beach  we  had  to  cross  a  main  road,  no  problem  except  what  is  it  about  people  who  think  they  need  to  hoot  when  they  see  a  horse  do  they  not  know  that  horses  SPOOK  and  get  frights,  more  than  a  few  scary  moments  here............ I  wondered  what  I  would  look  like  screaming  on a  runaway  horse............  not a pretty  sight I  am  sure.

The  beach  was  fantastic,  to  ride  a horse  along  the  beach,  with  the  waves  at  your  feet,  is  to  say the  least  absolutely  unbelievable  until  you  have  tried  it  you  cannot  describe  it........  awesome,  man  and beast  what   more  could  you  ask  for,  the  sunset  was one of the  most  amazing  I  have  seen  and  so  much  more  special  because of  the horse.

We  then  took  a  slow  ride  home,  luckily  it  was  full moon,  I  don't  think  I  would  have liked doing  that  ride  in the  dark,  when  we  went  through  the  bush,  there  was  a  river  on the  one  side,  one  wrong  move  and  you  would  have  been  swimming  ............ and  of  course  the horses  were  very  eager  to  get  home,  so  we  kept  our  distance  from  one  another..........  far  away  from  one  another...........

4 hours  on  a  horse,  well  I  can  tell  you  I  was  sore  in places  which humans  just  shouldn't  have  places,  John  Wayne,  and  Clint  Eastwood  would  have  taken  off  their  hats  to me.......  the  Lone  Ranger  would  have  given  me  Tonto,  he  would  have  been  so  proud........    .  this  is  life  at  its  best..............................


  1. Horse riding on the beach...sounds awesome! I'm glad your getting some time for some R and R.

  2. Now that is something to put on my bucket list! It sounds like you had fun and I'm glad you did something different. It's those things that keep people young! You look marvelous darling on that horse! Welcome back to blogging, missed you tons!

  3. No wonder you've had no time to Blog.
    What a time you've had!

  4. You HAVE been a busy gal!! (me too!) So glad to see you back!! I LOVE seeing your picture!! You look dashing on the horse! I have always loved riding but haven't done much of it and it's harder the older I get. You are spunky and amazing! Off to another new adventure, I bet...I'm in awe!!

  5. Wow! I don't think I'd last 30 minutes on a horse... My butt just isn't made for that.

  6. Sounds like a fun trip! Not sure if I could do 4 hours on a horse. It's been years since I've even been on one. I think it would be fun to ride one on the beach.

    Have a Great Week!

  7. Now I would have liked the riding along the beach part....and the sunset part but, having been way too sore after riding only ten blocks, I would NOT have appreciated being sore for the hours and hours afterwards. Great story. I laughed aloud.

  8. Great story, Karen! You are quite a sport, riding a horse for that length of time! Wow! I've only tried riding a horse two or three times. My niece is studying to become a large animal vet and she has gone to many horse competitions. She's crazy about them!
    That's a nice picture of you - you look like a natural!

  9. oh yes. my rump and legs would have been SO sore! and it's not exactly relaxing to ride on other folks' horses in strange trails... :)

    thanks for your visits to my blog once again! glad you are well!



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