Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Last Hurdle

I cannot  believe  that  in  a  few  months  my "baby"  will be  out  of  school,   the next  few  months  are hectic for  her,  at the moment  she  is  busy  with  prelim  exams,  which will last  until the end  of September and then in the middle of October she starts  her  finals,  and then all done. For  me  I am  really enjoying  pottering  around  the  garden,  and the house  rearranging and  fixing  and  painting,  all friends  know  that we  are  a  red  zone  for the  next  few  months..............  peace  and quiet...........  I  could  really get  used  to  this.
Before the start  of the prelims  the school had their matric farewell,  as usual  her  school  cannot to  things  "normally"  like  other school, where  the  the children  take  partners  with,   at Kayla's  school they have a sit  down  banquet supper  for the  parents. They  feel  the parents  paid  for  12  years  of education  so  why should  some  boy reap the  rewards........  got  to love their  thinking.
They  had  it  on a Thursday evening  in a beautiful place  called  Summerplace,  the same place  I went to  a wedding  at the  beginning of the  year.  The  theme  for the  evening was "Fly like an  Eagle"  so everything had a eagle  theme  very  well done  I  might  add,  on the  tables  were  nests  filled  with  chocolate eggs and  fluffy little  yellow  chicks,  they had a constant stream of pictures  from a  projector on the walls.
The  girls  and guys  all  looked  beautiful  with their  long dresses............  and some not so long .......  I wish  that  shops  would have a siren  when you leave the shop that  scream out .......... warning,  warning,  you are in danger  of making a fool of yourself.........  you cannot wear that..........  you cannot  wear that.........  tree stumps  do not look good  in mini's............. worse  still how  can  a mother  allow  her  child  to wear such a dress.
My designer  friend  Cherry  made  Kayla's  dress  and although  we  had  some "moments"  with  the  zip  she  looked beautiful.

My  daughter  goes  to a  Seventh Day Aventist  Christian  School,  and  they believe  in being  vegetarian,  obviously the people  at  our  table  had  not  read the  invitation  they  were  ready  to  phone Macdonald's  for  takeaways  when  they  heard  what was  on the menu, I really  enjoyed  it,  although  fail to see the  need  to  have  "fake" steak  and  "fake" chicken as  part  of the buffet. The  people  on our  table  were  definitely  meat  eaters, and  left  most  of there  food,  when  it  was  time  for  dessert   they   believed  me  when  I told them  the  desserts  were  also  "vegetarian"  .................  do  you even  get  vegetarian  desserts,  some people  will believe  anything.
 We were  on the  table with  some  interesting people, the gentleman  next  to me  with  a  name  to long and to  difficult  to remember  and  I  had  the  same  sense  of  humour  and on a few occasions  during the night  he  had  to  leave  because  we  were  laughing  so  much..........  when they evening  was  over   they  wanted  our  details  so that  we  could  get  together  again......  it was  fun......  much  more  fun  than  having  to get  up at 4.30am   the  next  morning  to  go  to  work.........
It  would  have  been  great  if  Kayla  could have  had  both of her  parents,  there................


  1. Kayla looks beautiful! And so do you! How wonderful and sad all at the same time. It's amazing how fast those years go...when they're little it seems like they will grow up, then bam!!! it's here. Good luck to Kayla as she enters a new and exciting time in her life. She's lucky to have such a wonderful Mom who will always be by her side...

  2. Funny...I just wrote a post about much the same thing...where do those years go??? Kayla is a beaty and her dress looks just gorgeous on her! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!

  3. Hi Karen,
    So very nice to meet you.
    Thanks for stopping by my Blog today.
    I signed on to FOLLOW you so I'll be baaaaack!

    You have a lovely daughter and she looks beautiful in that purple dress.
    I enjoyed reading about the vegetarian dinner.

  4. Beautiful girl. Beautiful mama. Sounds like an interesting evening. Any more I just say "interesting..." That covers that!

  5. Congrats on your "almost" graduate! And too funny about the vegetarian desserts!
    That dress is gorgeous on her. And I know what you mean about "How on earth could her mother let her leave the house looking like that?"

  6. Hi Karen, thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. I hope that you come visit again. I iust joined your blog.

    Now let me tell you how radiant and beautiful you and your daughter are. I'm sure that she will make you ever proud as she start a new journey. I know the feeling of having the girls finishing High School to go to University and then moving to another continent and far away province. It's their journey and like you said we have to keep on smiling.

    Have a wonderful day. JB

  7. Kayla is a beautiful girl, and her dress is so pretty. I wish her much happiness. It's so hard to see our kids grow up. You know it's just part of life, but it's still hard.
    So funny about the vegetarian meal. I wonder what a vegetarian dessert would be...maybe a sweet potato casserole! :)

  8. Oh wow honey I have really missed you! I can't believe I am so behind with my friends on here.
    After my daughter moved in for a few months I got so far behind.
    Your sweet daughter is gorgeous and I love her gown.
    It is hard to think about them graduating but you both will do fine. Life is full of wonderful surprises.
    Glad I was able to visit you today and I loved your comment
    Love ya

  9. I took your advice and took a piece of my mystery plant to a favorite nursery, and he knew exactly what it was! Then another blogger friend stopped by and knew the name as well since she just got her first one as well.

    Your daughter is beautiful, and how exciting to have an "almost graduate"! My oldest just started highschool, and while I know we have 4 more years, I'm sure time will fly and it will be here beforewe know it!

  10. I know the feeling. I have one that just graduated and the last has only two years left. Where does it go?

    She looks lovely and the dress is gorgeous. I had to laugh. I thought the same thing at my daughters graduation. What are some of them wearing?! Who let their child wear that to graduate in?!

  11. I absolutely love Kayla's dress! She looks absolutely stunning in it! You both look fabulous in that picture. It sounds like it was a memorable time - how special! I imagine it is all bittersweet for you. It's a cliche', but they do grow up so quickly, don't they? Mine are only a couple years behind yours, but the years have just flown by. In another few years I'll be sending mine off to college. I'll be facing the same thing...

  12. I love the name of your blog!! I so agree with you and the alarms that should go off with some of the dresses being worn and how the girls look in them. Your daughter looks beautiful in hers though :)
    Good luck to her with her finals.

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