Saturday, September 24, 2011

Okay I am Spoiled

BRMMMMM .........  BRMMMMM ..........BRMMMM
Every now  and  again  you  have  one  of  those  AHA  moments..........  well this  week  I had  one of those  moments  I  realised  that  I am  blessed.........
When  I  went  to  Durban  in July  on the  way  there  I  had  a  little "disagreement"  with  a  pole,  there  I  was  minding  my own  business  and it  jumped  out from  behind and  attacked  me,  well  that's  my  story  and I  am sticking  to  it.................. so  I  had  a  lovely  little  dent  and  some  scratches on  the  drivers  side  of the  car  and  there  is  nothing  I  hate  more  that  a  dented  car.
Well  this  week  was  the  week,  when  off my  baby  went  for  a  make  over  and  some  panel  beating  and  I was  given  a  loan  car  while  the  deed  was  being  done............  I  cannot  believe  that they  had  the  cheek  to  actually call it  a  car..........
They  gave  me  a  car  with  no power  steering,  with  no air conditioning,  with  no  central  locking.  On  getting  back  to the office  it  took  me  15  minutes  to  get back  into my parking bay ,  because  I  work  for  a  chemical  company,  we  have  to  back  into  our  parking  bays  so  in the  case  of  a fire,  or  a  chemical  spill  we can  all leave  the  premises  quickly....  15  minutes  later  this  tiny  little  car  would  not  go into the  parking, it was  almost  as  though  it  had  a  mind  of its  own I  think  I must  have  done  a  100  point  turn to get  into the  parking.
On  the  way home   I  was  battling  with  the  gears  and  my daughter  had  her  head  out  of the  window  screaming to  her  friends  in the  car  next  to  us  "HELP ME,  HELP ME".......................
The  next  morning  I  decided  that  this  car  was  not  going  to  beat  me so  in I  got............. and  I  became   Michael  Schummaker  ............  I  was  throwing  that  car  around  the  corners,  I was  driving  with  attitude,  and  there  I  was  racing  along  the  high way,  I  was going  so  fast  the  car  was  shaking  from the  speed,  the  wind  was  blowing  in  from  all  the  internal  ventilation holes,  I  mean  who  needs  an  air conditioner  when  you  can  have  natural  wind  blowing  in the  car,  I  was  going  so  fast  my  hair  blowing  in the  wind,  WOW  I  thought,  this  little  thing  really  flies,  and  glancing  down  at the  speedometer  I  was  that  I  was  doing  a  mind  blowing  ............. 80km  an hour................. in a  120 km zone,   no  speeding  fines  for  me  this  week.........  which  is  a  good  thing  after  the  two  I  got  last  week.....................
 On  Thursday  I  had  to  go  back  to the  lawyer  in Johannesburg..........  more  legal  stuff..........  no  problem   I  mean  I have  a  Garmin.......  except  this  little thing  that  they  call  a  car,   has  no place to  put  the  charger,  and  there  i  was  driving  along  with  no idea  where  I  was  going...................... and  I  had  an  appointment  at 8.30am  luckily  someone  gave  me  great  instructions  and  I  arrived  with 5 minutes  to  spare.
One  great  thing  about  this  car  is  that  I  will either  die  of  dehydration  from  the  heat  or  lose  a  really lot  of  weight........  maybe  that  could  be  a  selling  feature  in their  next  advert...........
Every  night  from  now  on  I  will  add  to my prayer  list  of  thanks,   thank  you  Lord  for  my car.........  I am  truly  blessed..................


  1. That is indeed cool... and now you also have a great story to share and add to your list of memories. :)

  2. I've been wanting to get a new truck for a few years now. I just can't make myself do it yet because it still runs good although it squeaks. It's a 2002 Ford. It still looks good although it smells from all of the stuff the kids keep in there. Oh the smells! lol It is paid for. So for now I just dream of the new truck. Don't tell my old truck because I don't want it to get mad at me! lol

  3. I like how you tell your car story.

    This week I took my old 1999 300M Chrysler for a car inspection. It was a bit noisy from the exhaust. The body is still perfect and the engine purrs like a kitten but I can't see where I'm going when I have to back up. The rear is so high. I feel like I'm in a boat.

    I felt secure because my muffler was still on warranty. Well. I needed a new Catalyst converter and a few minor things that needed replacing at a cost of $1500 dollars,so I bought a beautiful mini van instead. It drives beautifully and I can see all around. I love it.

    Hope you get your car back soon. JB

  4. It's funny how we become attached to our cars. I've had mine for 10yrs..I know it won't last forever but it's paid for and it runs so I will keep it! I hate spending as much on a car as a house used to cost! Hope yours comes home real soon.

  5. You Go Girl - you got SPUNK!
    Isn't it strange that when we have to do without one of the things we are used to we realize how valuable it really is to us. I've driven my share of "clunkers" in years past so I KNOW all to well how frustrating it is.

  6. That was my good chuckle for the day, Karen!! We have had our car problems of late too, but nothing as funnny as yours! Hope you get yours back soon!!

  7. Gosh honey I have missed you something awful. Sorry about that pole attaching you from behind. It happened to me last year but I think I forgot to write about it. lol
    Nothing worse than a car without the AC...I laughed about the loosing weight. What a terrible way to go about it.
    While I am lucky enough to be on your site I have to catch up with you my dear friend.
    Hope you have a wonderful week and get your car back

  8. Oh my dear woman! That is a bare bones car for sure!

  9. This reminded me of Toad from Wind in the Willows. How I wish I were riding with you to experience that exhilarating feeling!



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