Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ola - Mexican for a day..

Every year for the past 25 years   the company I work  for in September  has the annual lady buyers lunch,  we  invite  all the  lady buyers from the companies we supply to,  and all the  ladies of our company are  invited  so that we  can mingle,  all the  guy account managers  are  invited  because  they are our waiters  for the  day..........  or  our  slaves  for the  day,  for  this  day  they fetch,  they carry, they pour our  drinks,   take  away our  dishes..........  and  yes  we  do abuse  them.
The  fun  part  is  that  every  year they  chose  a  theme,  which  ties  in  with the  show  that  is  being  presented  and  everyone  dresses  up  according  to the theme, it  is  great fun,  it  makes  us  very creative  and  my team  has  won  the  team  price so many times  I  really  cannot remember  ..... bragging.
We  have  been  everything,  from    Eyptian  goddess's,  to   witches, which  I  might  add  some people "insinuated"  that I was  in character  and  not  playing  a  roll,  it  is  sometimes  tough  to be the  one responsible  for collecting  the money,  to  those  I  can  help  I am  the  Eyptian  goddess and  to those  who  I  just  cannot  help,  I am  the  witch............
One  year  we  had  a  Spanish  theme,  and  we  all went  as  bull fighters.....

One  year  we had  a  60's  theme  and  we  all went  as  hippies...........

This  year  the  theme  was  around  the  world so  we  decided  to  go  as  Mexicans,

it  was  a  bit  scary that  some  of  us  looked  really  good  in  a  moustach ...............  the  food  was  good  the  show  was  great,  and  the  company  was  funny  what  a  great  way  to  spend  the  afternoon and  also  be  paid  for  it ..............


  1. Well Karen, I must say that you look good in any costume you girls chose. I do love the Mexican mustache. The guys are very good sport to cater to your every whims. Thanks for sharing. JB

  2. That sounds like so much fun. The pictures are great and you all look good in the costumes. Thank you for coming by, reading my blog and commenting. I enjoyed reading your comment. Hugs!

  3. what a fun way to party!

    nice to think of you on the African Continent...and getting ready for summer...I love the warm weather...but the fall leaves & new snow are pretty too. Enjoy flowers too!
    Did I ever tell you David Livingstone is a distant relative.Enjoy your family...been busy here!

  4. How exciting to find you and your awesome blog! I am your newest follower!

  5. LOL! What a fun party! LOVE those 'staches!

  6. Now this is funny! You come up with the craziest stuff and to get paid while doing it is the best! Have a great week!

  7. WOW! this is indeed so interesting. I wish my work had something like this to offer. But, this is really nice and i love the energy that you bring up with your posts Karen.

  8. Okay...that looks like one fun time, Karen! I love the idea of the guys serving the women! How FUN!!!! What a great place to work.

  9. What a fun post! I so enjoyed coming by and seeing what you have been up to. I never dreamed you would be using men as slaves though. lol
    Great way to spend the day and I love these pictures of the past functions.
    Been trying to leave comments on here but I keep getting a error message. I hope this works tonight for me.
    I miss you

  10. MUCHO GUSTO! What a fun company!
    xo, Cheryl

  11. Nice look. All the three themes are looking very fantastic. I must says that, they all are done very great enjoyment and fun.

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