Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tick Tock

I  am  so  glad  that   I  don't  have  a  clock  in my house  that  chimes  out  the  hour  and  the  half  hour,  because  it  is  bad  enough  laying  in your  bed ..........  waiting  to  fall  asleep  but  to  be  reminded  of  the  fact  that  you  are  still awake  every  half  an  hour  must  be worse  than  when  peeping  with  one  eye  at the  digital  clock  on my bedside  table,  I  check  the  time,  hoping  that  I  fell  asleep and  didn't  realise  it  and  that  it  was  time  to get  up.............  that  the  dark  would  go  away  and the  day  would  break.

My  bestest  friend  Dawn  is  convinced  it  is  because I am  on iron tablets  again,  and  my normally  high  energy  levels  have  gone  into  the  red  and  are  now  looking  to  explode  on the  world.......  or  some  unsuspecting  friend  who  lives  in  another  time  zone,  and  has  time  to  chat......  don't  you  just  love  facebook,  it  is  true  the world  is  so  small that  you  really  do  never  need  to  be  alone.......  ever.........

The  last  two  weeks  have  been  hectic  at  work.......  I  think  I  must  be  quite  "demanding"  at the  moment,  because  as  I  leave  my  office  door  and  go into the main  office  a  look  of  horror  comes  over  everyone's  faces  and  their  eyes  cry  out............. not  me  please  don't   let  it  be  me......  They  just  hate  it   when  I am  in  mission  mode.............

So.......  after  these  hectic  days,  I am  finished,  I  watch a  little TV   100 channels  and  nothing  to watch,  I go to  bed  and  read  my bible,  and  read  my inspirational  book,  and  read  my story  book,  and  count  100  sheep jumping  over  a  fence,  and  then  jumping  back  again,  I think  happy  thoughts  of  fields  full  of  sunflowers  blowing  in a  summer  breeze,  I  pray  for  all the  people  in my  life,  I  send  love  to  those  who have  hurt me..........  and  then  some  more  for  good  measures,  and  guess  what  I am  not  even  yawning...........  nothing.........

Next  night,  I  play  on the  computer  for  a  while,  watch  a  little  more   TV  I go to  bed  and  read  my bible,  part  of  the  Old  Testament  and  part  of the  New  Testament,   and  read  my inspirational  book about  how  I  can  be  the  best  person  I  can  be,  and  read  my story  book the  few pages that  I  left  the previous  night,  and  count  100  sheep,   jumping  over  a  fence,  and  then  jumping  back  again, 100  cows  jumping  over  the  moon  and  back  again,  I  think  off  all the  cutlery  in my draw  running  off  with  one  another,  I think  happy  thoughts  of  fields  full  of  sunflowers,  I  count the  rows   blowing  in a  summer  breeze,  I  pray  for  all the  people  in my  life,  and  all  those  people  who  were  in my  life,  and  all those  people  who  are  going  to come  into my life, I  send  love  to  those  who have  hurt me..........  and  then  some  more  for  good  measures,  and  yes  even  more  just  in case  the  rest  didn't  get  through,  and  guess  what  I am  not  even  yawning...........  nothing......... 

Next  night  I...................... ideas  anyone.......


  1. Since menopause I do the SAME thing, just as my mother does. I take Ambien every night and even then sometimes I have a bit of trouble falling asleep, but not usually. So thankful I have a doc who will prescribe it. It makes all the difference.

  2. Sleepy Time tea, Tylenol PM- I can only take a half of one if I go to bed late, one if I go to bed by 10 maybe two if I go to bed by 9 but not usually on a work, Melentonin. My friend swears by the time release. I Pinterest and play games on the computer, too.
    Hope it gets better!

  3. I am so sorry you are not sleeping. If it started all of a sudden there may be an underlying medical problem. I have a friend who has trouble sleeping she has found that if she does not eat or drink anything sweet for several hours before bedtime she sleeps better. Don't know if that is your problem but thought I would throw that out there just in case. I will pray for you and hope you find a solution soon. Hugs

  4. I'm sorry that you are having sleepless nights. Have you tried chamomile tea to help you relax?

    Chocolate or coffee in the evening will keeps me awake. Right now I try to read a few pages in my book when I go to bed and can never even finish one page. I'm out like a light. It wasn't always like that. I hope that you will be able to fall asleep soundly tonight. JB

  5. My husband does the same thing...his motor runs too fast. He can't stop thinking, he says. I have NO trouble going to sleep. If I do, I read and by the time the book hits me in the face three times, I know it's time to put it down. Good Luck Karen!!!!

  6. Please send some energy my way...I'm like a doll with eyes that open when it's up and as soon as it's down the lids close! I don't do any caffeine so that could be my saving grace. What ever the cause, I hope you can find a solution because it's so important for good health to have good sleep. Maybe this long reply will put you to sleep?

  7. I'm so sorry you're having insomnia! Do your reading in a warm bath and you might want to kick out any caffeine during your day. Or at least after 3pm.
    I've been forcing myself (yep forcing - it tastes gastly) some red wine every night. Just a 1/2 cup with some Splenda... But it's been relaxing me enough to go to sleep and STAY asleep all night. I've been having the problem of waking in the middle of the night and worrying about things.
    Good luck and God bless you!

  8. I am the same case as you... i do it all and yet i won't go to sleep at the right time... for this i started to develop a sleep timetable... setting like 11 o'clock as my bed time and then getting there no matter... usually saying names in the sequence of the alphabets works for me. Maybe it will help for you as well...

  9. Hey honey let me know if your OKay I am worried about you

  10. OOF I have 2 that chime, luckly one stops at 9 pm but the other UUUG, I try not to wind that side up so it wont chime every hour,and half hour and DH keeps winding it up



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