Thursday, January 1, 2015


New Years  Eve  we  went  to my  sister  for  the  day,  she  has  just  moved off her  game  farm  and  into a house  in town,  and  has  been  treating  herself to  some  new  furtniture, and  she  has   bought herself,  in one  of  the  cozy  corners  of  the  house  a   BIG RED COUCH,  with  a  very  patriotic feel,  although  we  have  been  in South  Africa  for  over  40  years,  there  is  still  that  part  of  us  that  will  always  belong  to the  country where  we  were  born.  So the  good  old  Union  Jack  is  visible  everywhere.

We  decided  to  have  a photo shoot  on the  BIG RED COUCH,  well the  couch  is  made  of 
leather,  real  leather  and  is  very "sippery"  so  I  plop  myself down   on the  couch  next  to  my  sister,    and  as  I  sat  next  to my  sister  I  kept  on sliding off  the  couch,  the  more  I  tried  to  sit  on my  own  side  of  the  couch  the  more  I  kept  sliding   towards  her  so  that  I  felt  like  I  was going  to  either  sit  on her  knee  or disappear  under  her.

Needless  to  say  the  photo  shoot  that  we  wanted,  just  did  not  happen  as  we  were  laughing to  much.

Memories are made of this.


  1. Oh, these pictures are so good! I felt I was right there with you. :-)

  2. First, I love the couch! Red is a favorite color of mine. Secondly, the photos remind me of my Sister and me...always laughing our heads off! Happy New Year and I hope you have good health and happiness in 2015!

  3. photos are the pilot light of memeories and you will have many memories of laughter for years to come. i love the couch, and would like to own one like it, but i want mine black. i love red, but if i got red everything in the room would clash.

  4. That's a nice looking couch and gotta love something that can bring so much laughter in to your life :)

  5., laughter is a great part of GOOD memories. Hey, even if it's slippery, I really LIKE it. [the couch that is]

  6. I can see that we have an appreciation for laughter in common. I would have liked to see the two of you vying for position on that gorgeous red couch. It is my first visit to your blog and I love it. I'll be back....

  7. Looks like a fun photoshoot. And lovely couch as well.

  8. I think this photo shoot is extra special. I loved seeing it and you look beautiful and so happy.
    Always thought I would love a red couch. Never had one but have had a leather one and they can be slippery.
    Sp g;ad I got to visit with you tonight. I have to catch up while I am lucky enough to be here.
    Sending you much love and wishes for a very Happy New Year!



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