Sunday, August 29, 2010

New beginnings

 Be  very, very still and allow every new experience to take place in your life without any resistance    whatsoever........ You do not have to do anything, you simply have to be and let things happen (Eileen Caddy)

A  sincere  word  of   thanks  to you  all  for  your  prayers,  and  encouragement..........  I  couldn't  have  done it without you all,a big  thanks  to my "bestest"  friend,  for  always  showing  me that there  is a   light  at the end of the   tunnel, ............ I  have  had  three amazing  weeks, weeks  in  which  the  messages  I  received  were no less than a miracle..........................  I  have  always  been  something  of a  power  freak............  yes  no  kidding,  but  over the  last  few  years  have  more  and  more  given things  to God  including  my divorce,  and  everything went  smoothly, no fights, no arguing, everything falling into place.  But then I got a bee in my bonnet and  in the  words  of  old  " Blue Eyes"  I  tried  to  do the  division  of  assets  "MY WAY"  and  all hell  broke  loose,  the accusations,  the  retaliations, the  evil  spitting  forth of  insult  for  insult,  I  tried  to get the  division  of  assets through the  courts  and  doing this  we  would  have  lost  more than  half  of  everything...... I started  to  believe  the  things  that "The Ex One"  was  saying,  I  started  to  doubt  my  Christianity,  I  started  to doubt  by  faith,  I  started  to  doubt my self................... and found myself  in  a  downward  spiral  a  dark  place  where  i  didn't  want to be.... and  then  God  took  over.............
Two weeks ago  at  our  cell,  we  watched  a DVD  of  Louis  Giglio,  it  is  my  DVD  I  have  had  it  for  about 5  months  and  never  got  around  to watching  it...........  well, maybe I  should  have  watched  it  sooner,  but  maybe  God  was  saving  it  just  for  a time  such  as  this,   it  was  about  no matter  what  you have  done  God  loves  you.........  you  are  an  awesome  being,   Holy Spirit  in  You,  Christs blood  covering  you,  and  God  taking  care  of  everything  Next  morning  i  get  to  work  and  my daily inspirational  message  is  "God  didn't  say  No,  he  said  not  Yet" ...........................  and  then  on Sunday  the  message  was  John 1: 12,  "  Yet  to those  who  received  Him,  to those  who believed  in His  Name,  He gave the  right  to become  children  of  God" ...............  and  I  said............ " I  read  you  loud  and  clear  Lord.................  " It  was   as  if  a  peace  came  over  me,   a realisation that  i  am  never  alone. "The  Ex  One"  no  longer  wakes  me every night  when  he  comes  home,   In  fact  although  we  share the same  house  I  can  go  days  without  seeing  him................ I get  to  be at home, and  he  has to go  out  to his new " family."......  but every night he leaves her  to come back  here.........  and  I thought  i  was  living  a  life  of hell......
And  as  i  sit  here on  my  beloved  verandah,  the  first  time in months, the  first time since  the  onset  of  winter, it is  just  a  few  days  from  the  first  day of  Spring,  as I   watch  the  birds  eating  from  the  bird  feeder and  see the  new green  leaves  on the  trees,  the  spots  of  colour in the garden  from  the  seedlings  that  I planted  in anticipation of just a day like  this ...........  I  realise  that  this  is  the  season  of  New  Beginnings,  it  is the  season  of  Hope,  the  season  of  change,  the  season  of  new  growth,  the  season  of  colour,  of  new  life, it  is  time  to  take  off  the  old  and  put  on the  new, it  is  time  to  leave  the past  behind  and  more  on to the furture........ Gods  timing  is  perfect   I  am  through  the Winter,  and  how amazing  to have  Spring, with  all its  beauty  only  a  few  days  away........................


  1. i cannot say how happy i am to read this post of yours dear Karen... this post is so inspirational and brings forth a power to start all over.. i am so happy for u my dearest person... God's timing is perfect... sometimes we choose to ignore what He is trying to tell us.. but eventually He wins us over and makes us see the things that we actually need to.. i am feeling God is with me as i write this... thankyou for making me feel this way Karen... thankyou and all the best.. :-) Happy Sunday...

  2. Karen, Welcome back friend! Today in church our lesson was on patience..God's time, not our time..."Be still and know that I am God"..and now I read your blog that testifies to what I learned today...A million miles apart but only a click away and thoughts that combine and uplift. That never fails to inspire and amaze me. Even though we are at summers end here I always feel like fall is also a new beginning time. Schools back in session, harvesting what we've sown and so forth. Have a great spring Sunday and keep on smiling!

  3. Karen first of all I want to say how sorry I am that I have not been a very good friend of late. I feel so bad that your going thru all of this and I have not helped you.
    Also honey I can not tell you what your prayer for my Kaci meant to me today. It lifted me up to a place I needed to be.
    I wish I could do the same for you.
    Right now as I write this I am asking our sweet Jesus to ease your pain and to let you have the peace that you so deserve.
    If I could only sit on that veranda with you and talk. We would be there all night. lol
    I hate to admit this but when I found out that my husband was leaving me for his college sweetheart I did not let him have anything and I mean anything. Selfish yes but what he did to me and my kids I figured if he wanted to leave it would be with what he had when we got married...a few
    Write me honey

  4. Karen, I am beginning to get a clearer picture of you now and I know that you will be OK. Hugs, JB



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