Monday, September 13, 2010


This  weekend  was  an amazing  weekend,  whenever  I  go  out  into  nature,  I  just  feel the  presence  of God, and  this  weekend  was  no  exception,  I  took  Kayla  and  a  friend  to  a  nature  reserve  for  the  weekend,  we  had  lots  of  rest  and  relaxation  which  is  just  what  I  needed,  after  having  a  volcanic  eruption  at  work  on  Thursday,  or  was  it  a  glacial  melt  down............  mmmmm

 I  just  don't  know  my  own  strength.......  did  you  see it  move  you  must  have  seen  it  move......  did  you........  did  you........
 What  an  example  this  tree  sets,  that  against  all odds,  it  is  growing........  what  have  we  got  to complain  about..........
This  was  the  most  dangerous  animal  there,  Kayla  and  my  car,  I  used  the  time  to give  her some  driving  practice.........  go  figure  even  if  you  take  your  foot of the  accelerator  and  your  going  down  hill the  car  doesn't  stop........  ever  tried  free  wheeling  down  a  hill round  a  corner  and  through  a  donga................  scary  scary............

You  go  first,  no  you  go  first........  

Are  you  sure  I  can  go  first................

Just  get  it  over  with...........................

 And  then  it  took  a  step  forward  and  we  ran  for  the  car.......  the  horns  were  a  bit  more  than we  were  willing  to  risk.......
The  views  were  amazing,  you  could  see the  African  bush  for ........  as  far  as you  could  see,  kilometers  of  nothing  but  bush...........

Is  the  ball  actually  supposed  to  stay  on the  carpet..........  why  didn't  someone  tell me............

MMMMMMMMM  just  what  the  doctor  ordered..............


  1. Wow! Those are fantastic photos! I love the ones of the giraffe's. Sweet photo of you and your daughter! You have amazing strength, moving that huge boulder like that! :)

  2. This is just so fantastic.... I enjoyed every part of it.... :-D You are a terrific person Karen.... All the best

  3. Fun time for you both! And aren't you both the cutest things ever! Glad you had a great weekend. We all need those times of rest and relaxation to keep our sanity!

  4. Love love this post! So happy honey that you got away with your beautiful daughter.
    What a great place you two were and the animals you were taking photos of is incrediable. You really live in a world all its own don't you.
    Hope this get away helped and no more melt downs...
    Love ya

  5. Oh, what a nice reprieve! I love your photos...definitely different than any views I have here in Wisconsin, USA! :) (I'm more apt to see deer and giraffes anywhere near my neck of the woods!)
    My son gets his driver's learning permit in spring...he turns 15 in October...and takes driver's education in school 2nd semester. Fearsome!
    What a great post...thanks for sharing. I love seeing pics from different areas. I've never been to Africa! (I've never been outside of North America) It's so fun to be able to journey there via my bloggy friends' blogs!

  6. This looks amazing. I would have run too.

  7. Great memories of my trip to Africa - lordy 12 years ago now! Just love giraffe's - my favourites! Thanks for sharing.

  8. back from company and other things. looks like alot of fun. the animals are amazing. don't hurt your back with that large bolder. rose

  9. Just came by to check on you and to say hello.
    Hope your weekend was great and everything is better for you. Please keep in touch and let me know if you are ok.
    Pray for you all the time

  10. Great photos- love the one of the tree. I love mini-golf, too! it's a great way to relax and just be silly.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am following you back!

  11. Hi Karen,
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