Thursday, September 30, 2010

Long weekend

I started  this  blog,  last  week,  and  just  haven't had  the  chance  to finish it...........
This  was  a  long  weekend,  Friday  was  heritage day  or  national  braai  day  as  it  has  become  known, instead  of using  the  opportunity  to  sleep  in  on  Friday  we  were  up at the  crack  of  dawn   and  went  through  to  the  Suikerbos  Nature Reserve  and  went  on  a  hike the  weather  was  beautiful  a slight  breeze  and  because  it was  so  early  it  was  not  yet  hot what  an  awesome way  to  start  the  day, the views  were  amazing the  hike  hectic  but  very  rocky  and  very steep........   afterwards  we  let  Kayla  drive  around  the  reserve..........  with  Jan  my  son in law  in the  front  giving  instructions,  and  Kira  and  I  banned  to  silence  in the  back  seat......  and  like  Kira  said  we  don't  have  to go to  church  for  a  month  because  of  all the  prayers  that  went  up......   as  it  happened  the  place  was  full of  cyclists........  and  we  all   know  that  Kayla's  judgement  of  distance  leaves  A LOT  to  be  desired...............
(This  is  the  "hill"  that  we  climbed  during  our  walk)
Saturday  I  was  up  early  again  I  had  a  tea  date  with  a  friend  of  mine,  we  went  to  Her Majasteas Salon  as  usual  it  was  fantastic  it  has  such  a  calm atmosphere they  don't  bring  the  bill  when  your  ready  to  go  you  ring  the  bell  and  they  bring  the  bill  it  was  so  nice  we  didn't  want  to  leave.....  I  almost  forgot  to  pick  up  Kayla  from  Master Maths.................
Then  though  to  Benoni  to  check  out  a  wedding  venue,  very  last  minute  on  Thursday I heard  one of the  ladies  who work  for  me,  and  who  happens  to be the  fiance  of  my  "bestest" friends son say that  they  would love to get married  but  they  don't have  the  funny,  well ..........  the  challenge  was  on ..............  my  bestest  friend  and I  decided  that  money  is  not  an  excuse  not  to  get  married  with  the  skills  that  we  have  we  can  put  together  a  wedding  on  a shoe  string,  the  place  my  daughter  found  by  goggling  "pretty garden"  was  stunning  "Walts  Place"  the  perfect  place  for an intimate  wedding................  I  just  love  organising  things..........  date  is  set..............  27  February ......... and pretty much  everything  arranged........

Then  off to  a  Greek  evening,  one  of the  things  on  my  list  of  things  to  do   is  to  break  plates  .........  what  fun,  we  had  Greek  dancers, Greek  singers,  we  had  belly  dancers,  we  danced  the  Zorba  and  a  whole  load  of  other  dances  that  I  could  not  even  begin  to  spell, I was  challenged  to stand  on a chair  with  a plate  on my  head  and  do a dance. ..........  and  then   we  broke  plates.........  "Opa"...........and  then  we  broke  plates ............  and  then  we  broke  plates....................  which  we  had  to  pay  for  but  that's  fine  another  thing  off my  list  of  things  I  wanted  to  do.................

Sunday  morning  the  start  of  a stunning  day,  up  early  again...........  I  know I'm   crazy..... my niece and her  family  was coming  for  lunch  today  we  are  going  to  do  Chinese  stirfry ............ the  children  absolutely enjoyed  it,  they ate  everything because  they had  cooked  it themselves........    what  a fantastic  weekend............. this is surely what life is all about.......


  1. Wow! It sounds like an amazing weekend! I love your gorgeous photos, what a beautiful place! :)

  2. Now THAT'S a weekend to blog about!!!! Great pictures and what wonderful experiences!!!

  3. Wow what a weekend. We have a long weekend this weekend, but sadly nothing like this on my agenda. Would so enjoy smashing a few plates and enjoying some gorgeous Greek food! The wedding sounds amazing too, but as a cyclist, I'm pleased to be here :-)

  4. That weekend will be hard to top! The best part was the Greek food! (I'm just assuming that it was the best...I'm Greek so I have to assume that!) You're very ambitious to take on a wedding, but how generous of you too. Good luck with that and have another great weekend this weekend!

  5. i've never had Greek food, but hear from many that it's good. it would be nice to smash dishes when mad or upset. rose

  6. Hello honey
    So happy I got to visit your site tonight and read about your very busy fun weekend. Wow you broke some plates...hahaha...Girlfriend when you said something about standing in a chair my neck and back immediately went into safey mode....stay on the ground.
    Love the way you tell your stories...makes me feel like I am there with you. I so can relate to the part about sitting in the back seat sworn to silence and the prayers....too funny!
    Glad you helped them with having a beautiful wedding..your a sweetheart
    Love ya

  7. Hi Karen, Thanks for asking about the bent finger on my blog's going to be fine. It doesn't hurt and I just have to keep the silly splint on for 8wks..that will be in Nov. right before our Thanksgiving. Hope your week is going great! Love, Kathy (YaYa)

  8. Hey honey boy did I get a kick out of your comment about Loretta Lynn. It is something how we live in different parts of the world and have different cultures. I am not a big country western fan but back in her day she was the best. I admire her for what she has accomplished coming from a one room house in the hills of Kentucky.
    Hope your doing good. Think of you often



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