Saturday, July 21, 2012

Quiet Rhino Passing

Kruger Park

I have  just  spent  a  week  at the Kruger  Park,  with  a  whole  load  of  people  16 in total,  they  were  all  caravaning  and camping   but  we  went  into  a  chalet........  I  just  love  the  comforts  of  home......  walking  to the  "loo"  in the  middle  of  the  night.........  is  certainly not  on my  list  of things  to  do  who  knows  who or  what  may  be  lurking there.
When  we  arrived  we  decided  what  animals we  wanted  to  see,  I  was  Rhino,  Elephant  and  my friend  wanted  to  see   Wild  dog.  First  animal  we  see  is  one  elephant.........  after  a  10  hour  trip,  i  was  tired  of  being  in the  car........restless  legs  are  a  MAJOR  problem.............  so  we  sped  along  to  get  to  our  camp......  according  to everyone  behind  us  we  drove  straight  past  a  rhino  and  did  not  even  notice  it.
The  next  day  everyone  did  their  own  thing  so  we  went  off  in search  of  animals.......  we  were  so  busy  talking  we  could  have  drove  past  a  brontesauraus.........  and  we  would  not  have  seen  it.....  it  was  so  funny  we  kept  telling  each  other  to  stop  talking  and  look  for  animals,  we  decided  later  because  we  were  lousy  animal  hunters  to  rather   meet  up  with  everyone  else  so  were  in the  middle  of the  road.......  arguing  about  which  direction  we  should  be  taking............... I  heard  a  noise  next  to the  car...........  and  there  2  feet  away  was  a  rhino...........  it  was  probably  watching  us......  waiting  for  us  to   see  him.........  and  couldn't take  the  suspense  any longer  so  came  over  to  make  sure  we  saw  him............. and  he  was  BIG............

They  had  had  quite  a  big  fire  at the  camp  we  were  staying,  and  animal  sightings  were  not  as  plentiful  as  the  last  time  I  was  in the  Kruger.  I am  sure  they  had  all gone  on holiday  to the  north,  one  day  we  drove  for  7 hours  and  hardly saw  anything  but  this  sighting  of  a new  born  elephant  made  the  whole  trip  worth while,  the  little  thing  was  so  cheeky  it  even  put  its  trunk  in the  air  to  smell  us......  when  the  mum  started  coming  out of the  bush  we  beat  a  hasty  retreat......  didn't  feel  like  annoying  her.

The  hippo's were  amazing  we  spent  hours  watching  them,  it  is  not  often  you  see them  out  of the  normally  just  see  there  noses  sticking up in the  water  to  breath......  hiding  away  from  us  animal  seekers

My  all  time  favourite  animal  is the  buffalo  and  for  years  they  hid  from  me  .........  but  we  saw  some  lovely  ones  this  time........... however  it  was  on the  night  drive.....  and you  will have  to use  your imagination  to  see  them.........  there  are  three  of them  in this  photo.

Well  all  good  things  come  to  an  end.  It  was  great  seeing  the animals  and  relaxing,  it  was  even better to see my  grandson  everyday  for the  week.


  1. That looks like such a cool place. Love the sweet pic at the end! :-)

  2. You look super happy with that cute kiddo in your arms! Love the animal pics too. We don't get to see wildlife like that except in a zoo. I always feel so sorry for them and I'm glad that there are places that you can see them out free roaming! You live in an amazing place.

  3. What a cute little one! Love the final pic the best - but the rhinos are amazing - have only seen them in a zoo.

  4. Great to have some time to come visit and get back to blogland. Your post bought back great memories of my time in Africa and I envy you the rhinos as that was the one animal we didn't see. So pleased some of them are surviving. Great post!

  5. Glad you had a nice trip. Your grandson is so cute! Love that little outfit! :)

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