Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And then there were two

And the There  Were  Two

At  last  I  found  the  problem  with my blog  and  i  am  able  to blog  again,

 How  I  have  missed  putting  my  stories  down  on paper, and how  sad  that  the  last  two  years  have  flown  by  as  fast  as  a  heartbeat and  without any lasting memories, or  communication  from those  of  you  who were  there  and  supported  me  through  one  of the  most  difficult  times  of  my life.

My  family  pod  and friends   who  are  still  as  fun loving  and  crazy  as  ever  we  had  a  Mexican night, the  other  night,  with all the  trimmings,   learnt   a  very  valuable  lesson,  Margarita's  might  sound  exotic  but  taste  absolutely awful,  still  wondering  what to  do  with the  rest  of the  ingredients,  although  I  must  admit  make  a  very,  very   nice  fridge

My  family  has  grown  again  my  first  Grandson  Hayden  is  now  two  and  as  bright  as  a button, and  like  his  Granny  will  try  anything,  took  me  one hour  an  8 pony rides  to convince  him  that  it  really was time to  go  home

My  second  Grandson  Noah  Allen  Whittal  was  welcomed  into the  world  on the  25 August

Its  time  now,  to  get  back  into the  things  I  love,  of  which   blogging,  is  the  one  I  missed  the  most,  and  look  forward to  doing  again.


  1. Karen! I was so excited to see your comment on my blog and I want to welcome you back! I hope to hear more from you soon and I think your Grandkiddos are just beautiful! Congrats on the newest member of your family...he's adorable! Talk later I hope!



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