Monday, October 20, 2014

Silence is Golden

Okay,  okay,  okay   I am the first  to  admit  it  we  are  a family of  talkers,  and  if  we  don't  know the  person  thats  fine,  we  will  talk to  you,  in the doctor's  rooms,  in the  queue  at the grocery store, in a lift,  in the  cinema,  in a reastaurant,   strangely  enough  not  on aeroplanes  i  have  yet  to  sit  next  to  someone,  whose  nose  was  not  in their,  computors,  ipods, smart  phones,  or what  ever  electronic  devices  are  available  these  days.  I  really  don't  mind  going  into a room  full  of  people  because  I  will  just  introduce  myself  and  find  someone  to  talk  to.

But  sometimes,  just  sometimes    I  want  silence,  not  quiet,  but silence.  No  music,  no TV,  no  dogs  licking  their  paws,  or  any  other  part  of their  bodies,  disgusting  or  not,  that  they  are  able  to  reach, no  cats,  munching  their  food,  chasing  each  other  under  the  beds,  up and down  the  passages,  no birds  laughing..............  nothing  like  right now.............  perfect.

Kayla  and  Noah  are  away  at my sister  for  a  week  and  I am  all  alone  and  enjoying  every minute  of  it............  silence.........


  1. I enjoy silence too unlike my husband who is chatty and very friendly and getting hard of hearing have to turn on the news or political debates and discussions the moment he sits down....but after a very long time married to a talker, I kind of appreciate silence too. Like you, no TV or radio. The only thing I can hear is the clock ticking on the wall.

    Enjoy your silence.

  2. hi karen! nice to see you again! :) i read your latest post above then scrolled back a bit to see more. i love quiet, too. with 4 dogs in the house, the licking, snuffling, moving around, etc. is almost constant. you made me laugh. :)



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