Saturday, November 1, 2014

Shopping Mall Nightmare

I   love  living  in  our  little  town  of  Heidelberg, it  is  old  and  quaint,  it  is  full  of  old  buildings  with stories  to tell,  full  of  history, of  wars,  and  scandals,

it  is  a  sea of   tall  shady  trees  lining  roadways  and  filling  gardens,  not  forgotton,  it  is  full  of  characters  some  of  them  still  lost  in the  1960's  with  there  teased  hair styles  and  their greased back  fringes,  as  though  we  were  miles  away  from  civilisation, where  in fact  we  are   a  stone  throw  away  from  the  major  centres. Heidelberg, nestled  in a  valley,  sorrounded  by  the  Suikerbos Mountain range, which  causes  us  to  have  extremes  in temperatures,  so  cold  in winters  and  hot  in summers  but  this  is  where  I  feel  at  peace  this  is  where  I  call  home.

And  now  we have  a  MALL,  I used  to love  getting  off  the  highway  each  day  and  the  first  thing  that  greets  me  is  "the  village"   tall  green  trees, church  steeples  and  vast  open  spaces  and  now slap  bang  in the  middle  of  my VIEW  they  have  put up  a shopping  mall.  Did  they  try  and  make  if  fit  in with  out  towns    atmosphere  no  such  luck it  is  a  ugly  big  square  box  scarring  the  landscape  and  ruining  my  view  by  day  and  at  night the  skyline is  no  longer  spotted  with the twinkle of  stars  it  is  now lit  up  with  the glow  of  the  neon  lights pouring  out  of  the  skylights  in the  roof  guzzling  up electricity.

But  the  mall  is  here,  so the  weekend  it  opened   I  went  to  "spy"  on  what  was going  on....

Dong...  round  one.

The  only  was  to  access  the building  from the  car  park  where  we  parked  with  a  child's  pram  was  in a  lift,  which  on the  way  in  was  not  a  problem.  On the  way  out when  the  lift  was  already  occuplied  by  two  shopping  trolleys, one  child's  pram  and  6 adults,  this, this,  this,  moron  tried  to  push  her  way  in,  where  exactly  did  she  think  she  was  going  to  get  in, on  top  of us,  maybe  there was  a  secret  floor  and she  was  going  in the  second  floor of  the  lift,  well  needless  to  say,  she  "decided"  not  to  take  the  lift  with  us,  probably  feared  for  her  life  at the  hands  of  the  raving  lunatic  inside.

Dong...  round  two

Almost  every  seat  in the  middle of  the  isles  of the  shopping  centre  was  occupied  by  a  boob  wielding  monster, with  a  leach  attached  to  the  end  of  it..........  do  people  really  not  have  any  shame, do they  really  think  that  this  is  acceptable  in a busy  shopping  centre.

Dong....  round  three

7  in  a row, how  exactly  do  people  think  you  are  going  to  get  past  them,  when  they  are  walking  7  in a  row,  ambling  through  the  shoppng  centre  as  though  they were  the  only  onew  there..  did  you  know  that  a  babies  pram   can  become a  lethal  weapon......  I  will  say  no  more.

Dong...  round  four

Standing  in the  queue,waiting  quietly  to  pay  for  my  groceries  the  two  children  behind  me  and  i  use  the term  loosely  were  attacking  one  another,  slapping  punching  and  banging  into  My  handbag,  I  turned  and  asked  politely,   "Girls,  if  you  bump  into  me  one  more  time  I  am  going  to  get  very  angry,  stand  still , behave  yourself,until  it  is  your  turn"    Well  the  "mother"  and  again  i  use  the  term  with  tongue  in cheek,  told  them not  to  listen  to  me,  they  could  do  what  ever  they  liked.

I  am  not  sure  whether  I  will  be  put  on to  a  "wanted" list or  a  "person  of  interest" data  base, will be  interesting  to  see if  any  alarms  go  off  the  next  time  I  go  to  my ugly  Mall.


  1. Karen, it's so unfortunate that children are being raised in such an inconsiderate way. What is the world coming to. Teaching children to behave from an early age is so important. I certainly can understand your frustration. The parents are worst than the kids and the kids learns from the parents. Spare the rod and spoil the child.

    I rarely go to the malls unless I really need something badly. Here in our city, I rarely encounter rude people, I'm sure there are some but being Canadian, I think we are a pretty polite bunch most of the time. Of course there will always be the exception.

    I hope your next trip to the mall is a better experience for you.


  2. Every time I try and comment I get "Booted" off...hmmm. I'll give it a 3rd try! Malls and Wal-marts are the killers of small town, downtowns. Our little town doesn't have a mall, but we do have super box stores like Wal-mart and Home Depot. We've been trying to revitalize the downtown area and it's working...people are looking for quaint, hometown, home grown, and home made. I'm sorry you have to look at the Mall. I really hardly ever go to the Mall that's about 15mi from my home...except around Christmas....and I hate it! I'm sorry you don't have're missing out on some fun times! Ha! I hope you have a good week! I need to play "catch up" and read your previous posts! I'm being a bad blog buddy!



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