Thursday, November 13, 2014


I decided  long ago,  that  the  stork can  and  does  make  mistakes, that it  has  a  wicked  sense  of  humour,   and  that  it must  have  been exhausted  the  day  it  was  hired  to  deliver  me,  it  was after  all,   the  year  of  the  Baby Boom.....  it dropped  me off in the  wrong  part  of the  world,  too  lazy  to fly all the  way  North  to  my  real  parents,  because  I  know,  I  believe, I  feel  it  in my bones,   that  I  should  have  been  born  to a family of  Eskimo's  in the  middle of  the ice fields of  Alasca  or  in the Siberian Wastelands  where  the  temperatures  reach -40 on a  warm  day... well  maybe not  that  cold.

My children  tell  everyone  how  they  were  the  only children  in the  country  that had  to  wear a hat, gloves  and  scarf in the car and then   take  them off  when  they  get  out of the car,  that  I have  the  only car  in the  world that  steams  up on the  outside,  because  the  inside  is  colder  than the  outside....

At the  age  of 8 my parents  moved  to  South Africa,the  land of Sunshine,  and  I  have  been  melting  slowly  ever  since.    "Normal"  people  dream  of  lying  on beaches  roasting  in the  sun, smothered  in sun tan  lotion,  with  a  martini....  shaken  not  stirred  of  course,  me, well,    I  dream  of  checking  in as  a  guest  at  the  Ice  Hotel, drinking  sherry  out  of  Ice  glasses and  sleeping  on a  bed  of  ice,  wrapped  up  in a  cocoon of  fur,   watching the  Northern  Lights,  bliss.

But  as  Summer  arrives  and  the  temperatures  rise  daily,  with  new  records are  being  broken the hottest  September in 160 years,  hottest  day  in October  since  records began,   temperatures  edging  up  the mercury  on my thermometer,  to  almost  boiling  point,  they  have  already hit  the   34 degrees mark......  and  November  has  just  started.

I wish  that  stork had  dropped  me  off somewhere else.................somewhere COLD


  1. Oh my dear need to visit me today! It's snowing outside even though the sun is also shining. It's only in the 20's here. I'm thinking of putting a fire in the kitchen fireplace tonight. We won't have any great accumulation of snow in our town..north of us in Cleveland they are on the lake and get the "lake effect" snowfall. I do enjoy summer here but we had a cooler one than normal and frankly, I enjoyed that! I got to swim but it never did get the water too warm! I hope it cools off soon and I'll keep a candle in the window incase you run away!

  2. Oh you poor dear, that is hot, hot,hot. No wonder you want to sleep in an ice house and it's only November.
    My blood would be boiling at that temperature... I like it cool too and my husband doesn't mind the heat.

    It must be unbearable for those who don't have air conditioning and for everyone. I hope it's not going to be this hot all Summer. You can always come live in Canada but then we're having some extreme weather also.

    Wishing you a nice cooling rain.

  3. Karen I am so happy to here tonight catching up with you. It has been way too long.
    Bought a new lap top and trying to learn it is going to be a challenge.
    I am sorry honey but I laughed reading this because of the stork thing and because I always thought the same way except never have I wished for cold weather. hahaha
    Can't handle your hot temps though so not sure where the stork should of dropped me.
    Your welcome to come to Texas for our winter. Been freezing for over a week and I don't handle that well this early in the year.
    Did a post this evening but it was hard trying to type on this new computer. haha
    Now I am off to read your previous post and catch up with you. I have really missed you



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