Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rolling Black Outs

I am  really  lucky  not  only  do  I  get  to  experience  some  first  world  gadgets, like  TV's and  DSTV,  and Smart phones,  Ipads, laptops, and internet  fraudsters  trying  everything  in their  power  to  make  me part   with my  money,  I  have  discovered during the  not  too  distant  past  that  I
am  in  fact  a  princess  and  that  my  wealth  uncle  has  left  me  millions  of  dollars  all  I  need  to  to  get  all  these  dollars  is  to  pay a  "small  admin fee".  I  never realised I  had  relatives  in Nigeria..... I  have  also  over the  past  months won the  American,  British  and  Australian,   lotto  all  of  which  I  can  claim  ........  with  a  small  admin  fee  up front, all  of which  I  have  never  entered,  does anyone  else  find  that  odd  is some  small  way?

 I  also get the  third  world  experiences  like  absolute poverty  people  living  in cardboard  boxes
children  playing  on rubbish  dumps  people robbing  you of  your  roof  when  you  are  still  trying  to  live  under  it, or stealing  your  car radiator so that  it  can  be  sold  for scrap metal, people  stripping  perfectly  good  houses  which  have  the  misfortune  of  being  left  unoccupied  for  a  few  weeks,  to  sell  off as  scrap  for  a  few rands.  Welcome  to Africa.

Now  I  have  a  new  experience,  to  add  to  my  list  the  Dark  Ages.......  Friday  night  I  was  having  a  lovely  evening  with  friends,  across the  road  at  8.30pm  the  lights  went  off and  the  fun  began,  have  you  ever  tried  finding  a  box  of  matches  in the  dark  when  you  are  a  none  smoker.......... having  to  negotiate  tables,  chairs  and  lethal  weapons  such  as  cars  and  building blocks  left  on the  floor  by  the  children,  who  by  now  are  screaming  in  fear  because  everything  is  black,  pitch  black...........  and  daddy  is  using  language  they  have  never  heard  before  everytime  he  walks  into  something  "unexpected"     Once  we  have  lights  I  realise   my  daughter  is  at  home  with  Noah  in the  dark  and  I  now  have  to  feel  my  way  to  the  door  and  negotiate  the  way  home  to  help  her.

Now  I  know  exactly  where  my matches  are  after  all  my  claim to  fame  is  that   I  am  super  organised,  I  get  home  feel  up the fridge ( am  sure  that  I  heard  it  giggle)   because that  is  where  I  keep  my matches hey  presto  two  boxes  of  matches....... with  one  match  in both  boxes........  my  housekeeper  who  is  sooooooooo  lucky  she  is  not  here  as she  is  the  smoker  of  the  family and  used  up  all the  matches ........... so  with  one  chance  I  light  my first  candle.....  whoop  whoop  success......  and  we  have  light.........

Sunday  night  we  are  chilling  after  a  busy  weekend it  is  .....  8.30pm...............  ( image  the  Jaws  music  here  doodoo  )...........  the  lights  go  out...............  no matches ...not  smoking  I  forgot  to  buy  new  matches,  and  now  we  sit  in the  dark,  cursing  the  corruption  at  Eskom  our  power  provider  who  have not  maintained  or  erected new  power stations  since  the  freeing  of  Nelson Mandela  20 years  ago..........  and  knowing  in the middle  of  summer  if  they  can  not  provide  enough  power  what  happens  come  winter............  going  out to  buy  everything  gas.........

Looking  forward  to  this  happening  all  the  time, as  we  have  been  warning  rolling  blackout  will  be  a  part  of  our  lives  for  at  least  the  next  two  years,  I   now  have  candles  and  matches  all  over  the house  in fact  all  set  for  the  apocolypse, and  the  lights  stay  on..............   just  got  to  Love  Africa.


  1. Oh Karen, it sounds like quite a juggling act of self preservation. I get the same rich people who have left me fortunes and I could go an cruise that I won and also some sweepstakes in other countries across the world.

    A good thing our power provider is keeping us powered up or we'd freeze our butts. It's been freezing for quite a while except today felt like Spring.

    Stay safe and cool.

    I love your humorous stories. I'm just imagining it in my mind.

  2. Change "Africa" to "America"....we all have the same issues! I'm a princess too! Such a small world after all! My Mom just won $1000 and all she has to do to claim it is send in a small fee..hmmmmm. You need a generator or some big battery operated flashlights...much brighter than candles. Although the last black out we had that lasted for a week, I found out I look much better in candle light! Stay safe dear friend in this small, small, very similar, world!



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