Monday, November 10, 2014

Pause, Rewind, Delete

I  find  myself  more  and  more  these  days  wishing  that  life was  like   the remote  for  your TV,  that  it  had  buttons  on  that  you  could  use,  like you  do  your  remote,   you  could  pause  your  life  when  things  were  getting  out  of  hand,  you  could  rewind  a  situation  that  did  not  end  as  you  had  planned,  and  just  delete  days  that  were  just  to embarrassing, painful   to  relive,  that  you  could  replay   the  good  days  the  days  filled  with  laughter  and  friends  and  family  over  and  over  again. 

I suppose  at  my  age  that   is  quite normal,  I  certainly could  not imagine that I would  be where  I  am right  now, this  is  the  time  I  should  be  enjoying  freedom,  children  should  be  out of the nest, me  and  hubby  should  be doing  all  those things  that  we  put  off  when the  children  were  younger  all of  those  things  on my bucket  list.

Instead  I am divorced  after  almost  30 years  of marraige.........  Along  with  my youngest  daughter  I now  have  my  new  grandson   invading  my house.

And  yet  I  know,  believe  with  all my heart  that  God  is  in control that  there is  a purpose, a
usefulness  for what  I  am going  through,  so  everyday  I  smile because  life  is  good,  I  could  be  homeless, jobless, family and  friendless,  I  could  be  a drug  addict, an alcoholic,   I could be  a raving lunatic(  this   on some days  is still  debatable)    I  could  be  sick,   I  could  be  helpless,
but  I  know I  am the  royal  daughter  of  my Heavenly Father, I  am  an heiress  to  his  Kingdom,  I am  his  favoured  one,  I  was  created  by Him  in His  image,  and  he  knows  the  number  of  hairs  on my head.............

Yes,  its  confirmed  life  is  good,   GOD  IS  GOOD............  ALWAYS


  1. I like this. I know it helps me tremendously when I am down in the dumps to start thinking on all the wonderful ways my life is blessed. Everything isn't perfect, some things are not as they should be, and yes, the remote idea would be a great way to hold still or fast forward.

  2. Sounds like you have a good outlook on life.

  3. Hi Karen, I really had to laugh out loud when I read your comment. Working at the farm feeding calves and walking in cow patties isn't exactly how I had envisioned spending my old age, lol.... I had quite a different picture but somehow I found myself in this mess morning and night. My Super Woman outfit is pretty splattered by the end of the day, lol...

    It could be worst so like you I have to count my blessings every day. Also like you, many things my husband should do for me, I've always have had to do it myself. He doesn't care to look after the yard, gardens, home repairs and maintenance. I think it's worst because it's a man's job yet I have to do it because he doesn't... and then, there's the office work, grocery, cleaning and laundry, etc. That's one of my crosses to bear. He's a good man but just not very handy around the home. lol...

    Wishing you some renewed strength and peace of mind.

  4. your daughter and grandson are fortunate that they can live with you. blessings to you all.

  5. Everyone would wish for the same at sometime in their life... glad life is good for you despite what :)

  6. We are housing a son and our 2 Granddaughters who are here part of the time. It makes it a bit crazy and I also thought I'd be child free...but it is what it is and we're hoping this will give him time to regroup and save some money to move into his own place in the Spring. I too try and remember to count my blessings and remember who I am and thank my Heavenly Father each day. Hope it all goes well for you!



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