Sunday, January 24, 2016

Every  year  I am  "given"  a  bible  verse,  which  I  use  for  the  year  when  times  get  tough.
Sometimes  I  do not  know  what  I would  do  and  how  I  would  get  through the  day  without  them.
This  year  I  was  given  2  Timothy 1: 7
  And  so  I  got  to  thinking  what   it was  that  God  was  saying  to  me,  what  message  is  it  that  he  is  giving  me,  and  what  is the  lesson  that  I  need  to  learn........... 
And  then  I  had  my epiphany  moment


Towards  the  end  of  last  year I  felt  it  was  time  to   resign   from  all my church  activities,  Holiday Club,   New members  breakfasts,  and  Sunday  school,  (  Just  not  my  fellowship  group  because  I  cannot  survive  without  their  support  and  prayer)    I  have  joined  a  new  congregation  and  I  am  spending  a  year  just  being  there  in the  moment,   just going  to  church,  just  listening  to the  message,  just  enjoying the  praise  and  worship,  and  then  going  home..........  and  spending  time  getting  closer  to  God,  getting  closer  to  me,   who  I  am,  what  I really  want  and  what  does  God  want  me  to  do  with  my gifts, 
There  is  a  song  in the  Great  Gatsby  that  says......  thank  goodness  you  can't  hear  me  sing  it,   when  my  daughter  was  2 ,  I  was  singing  along  to  my  favourite  singer,   no  condemnation  please   Michael  Bolton  ....  she  said  to  me  and  I quote...  If  you are  quiet  I  will give  you a sweet...  I  learned  two  things  that  day  I  cannot  sing  and  I  bribed  her  too  much. 
The  words  go  like  this
Do  you  know  where  your  going  to.....
Do  you  like  the  things  that  life  is  showing  you.....
So,  here  I  am,    new  year  all things  new,  I  know  it  will make  me  stronger.   

PS.  That  is  why  I  now  have  time  to  blog........  and  I am  LOVING IT.........


  1. Wow Karen, that's a great way to start the new year. I love that Albert Einstein quote. It's so true. I did the same thing with all my commitments and organization committees and although I'm still busy, at least I'm choosing when I can give some of my time without obligation and it's so freeing. I now only help cutting pies at our church supper twice a year, no more meetings...

    I'm so glad you are blogging again.

  2. I am looking forward to more blogs from you. Sometimes the committees and fellowship feel like going to a job. When anything feels that way you are wise to cut back. All of your church activities should be done with joy not obligation. Your joy will return but until then you will be most welcome in the blogging community.

  3. Hi! Good to have you back! And thanks for stopping in to see me.
    As usual, I'm up to my neck in church meetings and church obligations. But I'm looking at it from a different perspective. I am also reading the Bible more in my own spare time, which I've carved out of each morning. I might be busy, but not too busy to hear God talk to me through his Word. Even if it's just for a few minutes a day.
    Great quote by Albert Einstein and TOO funny about the bribing! My grandson tells me not to sing too and says that it gives him a head-ick.



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