Saturday, January 16, 2016

WOW WOW WOW.............


As  I  sit  here  I  find  it  so  hard  to  write,  seems  like  a  life time  ago  that  I  had  the  time,  patience  or  inclination,   its  like  my life  is  flashing  by  and  I  only  get  occasional  glimpses  of  how things  used  to  be,  when  my  time  and my  life  was  my  own. 
The  last  year  has  been  "challenging"  would  be  a  good  way  of  putting  it,  with  work,  church  and home  commitments.  The  one  thing  that  kept  me together  was  my adorable  grandchildren,

Hayden now  3

Hayden  when  he  entered  his  first  bike  race......  so  proud.

I  took  Hayden  to  his  first  movie  at the  theatre  during the  December  holidays,  I  hate  animated  movies  but  more  than  that  I  hate  half/ half  movies,  that  is  animated  with people  I  mean  come  on  has  anyone  ever  spoken  to  their  dog,  chipmunk,  mouse  and  treated  them  like  people..........    anyway  Hayden  chose,   Alwin and the  Chipmunks..........  arggggg....    but  being  to good,  kind   grandmother  that  I  am,  I  took him.   He  was  very  good..........  well  almost  very  good,  he  couldn't  understand  why  you  had  to be  quiet,  and  wanted  to know  who  was  laughing......  and  why,  he  then  at the  top  of  his  voice  proceeded  to  tell everyone........  he  needed  a  yep...........  number  2.........  so  glad  the  movie  house  was

and  Noah  now  aged  16  months

Noah,  is  so  inquisitive  into every  thing,  scared  of  nothing.  The  other  day  he  let  the  chicken  out  of  its  cage,   I  wish  you  could  have  heard  him  laugh  at  his  granny  running around  the  garden  in her  pj's,  with  her  morning  Mohican hair style,  looking  like  the  wild  woman  of  Bornea..... with  a  wet  towel  to  throw  over the  chicken  when  I  got  close  enough  I  was  hanging  the  washing  at the  time,    trying  to  catch  the  chicken..........  trying  to  explain  to  a  16  month  old,  that  he  needed  to  help  me  head  off  the  chicken  at  the    pass.....  note  to  self..........  it  is  impossible  to  catch  a  chicken.....



  1. It's so nice to hear from you again Karen. Life is what it is and we have to do what we can to stay on course but it's not always easy.

    I can imagine you running trying to catch that chicken in your PJ's lol...
    Noah is adorable and looks like he serious by pointing his finger. A real politicien...

    Hayden is just being a typical kid his age. You never know what they will come up wit. They don't stay little for long and they grow up all of a sudden. It seems to happen over night, really...

    It winter here and we have lots of snow and it's cold. I'm not a fan of winter anymore as I age... I have a hard time keeping warm.

    I hope that you will continue to blog, at least now and then.

  2. I am still laughing at the visual of you chasing the chicken. And with a damp towel no less. Good to hear from you.

  3. Ha! That is a visual for sure! Welcome back my friend! It's good to hear from you and see those beautiful Grandchildren. They will keep you on your toes for sure...chicken or no chicken! Your story reminded me of myself a few weeks ago when I spotted a bunch of wild turkeys near our woods. I grabbed my camera and threw on hubby's shoes and coat and I was in my robe and also had wild morning hair. I went tromping all over the Creepy Woods trying to catch up with those crazy birds! Never caught them, but it sure woke me up! Glad to hear from you and hope to continue as this new year continues!



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