Monday, February 1, 2016

Sometimes,   it  is  that  one  phrase,  that  one  flippant  remark,  that  one  tongue in cheek  comment,  that  you  randomly  hear,  or  see,  that changes  your  perception,  stops  you  dead  in your  tracks,  and  makes  you  re-evaluate  what is  really important  in  your  life, and  where  you  actually  want  to  be,  no  more that,   who  you  actually  want  to  be...........
"Life  is  not  about what  is  behind  you,  it  is  about the  blank white  page  that  is  in front  of  you 

Looking  back  and  doing the  what  if's...........  the  should  have.........  could have............  would have..... adds no  purpose,  no  value,  you  can't  go  back,  you  can't  change  it,  delete  it,  you can't  temper  it,  do  it  differently,  and  you  can't  take  it  back.

So  I  am  taking  tomorrow,  that  beautiful  white  canvas......  and  making  it  count,  making  it  count  for  me...........  where  I  am,  what  I  am  and  who  I  want  to  be.....

Cannot  wait  to see the  masterpiece  I  will create.......


  1. i feel inspired...many thanks for that!!! we must remember these things daily!!!!

  2. I love your attitude Karen. Starting new on a white canvas sounds exciting.
    Life comes with some road blocks sometimes and to learn to go around those road blocks can be challenging at best.

    Sometimes I question "what if " I would have made different choices, where would I be but then i remember, I'm on a journey and I haven't arrived yet. When I finally will arrive, the journey will end.

    The new canvas is all yours. I'm looking forward to follow you on your journey if you allow me.
    Those are great quotes to live by.

  3. I'll bet it will be a good one. Trying to do the best I can each day is what I strive for.



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