Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Wednesday for  me  was  the  start  of the  most  special time  on my   calendar,  the fact  that  I  choose  to  give  up something ,   for  40  days,  seems  such  an  insignificant  sacrifice     when  you  think  that  Jesus  gave  up  his life  for  me.  Although  I  know  that  Ash  Wednesday  is  not  biblical,  for  me  it  has  such  significant  it  is  the  time  that  I  make  the  promise  to  God  to  make  a  sacrifice,  to  make  a  commitment,  to  know  that  I  will struggle, and that  it  will hurt,  to  know  that  I  will be  tested,  because  I am drawing  closer  to  God,   it  will  not  be  easy,  but  the  rewards  will  be  priceless,  a  closer  relationship  with my  heavenly  Father,  my  Daddy,  the  Alpha  and  Omega,  the  Beginning  and the End. 

And  so  what  is  my sacrifice,   I am  going  on a  spend  freeze,  I  can  buy  nothing  that  is  not  absolutely essential  to  my  basic  human  needs.  I  am going  minimalistic.   I  am  going  no sweets,  chips,  cold drink,   no  fancy  foods,  no  eating  out,  no  dinner  parties,  no movies,  no  plays,  and  so  week  one  is  over...  right  now  I  would  kill for  a chocolate,    for  a Turkish  delight covered  in milk  chocolate,  a  rose  flavoured  Turkish  delight  covered  in milk  chocolate........    and  a  cappuccino...... 

And  then  I  think  of  the  people  who  will  not  eat  tonight,  who  will  sleep on the  streets,  who  are  all alone,  and  with  or  without  that  rose  flavoured  Turkish  delight  covered  in milk  chocolate,  I  am  truly blessed...........




  1. You're giving up a lot and it looks like you have your mind made up.
    I'm not that generous but I gave up treats and drinking my glass of wine in the evening during lent. After a hard day of farm work, I look forward to sipping wine I bottled. It's my way to relax in the evening but not during lent.

    Have a nice week.

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