Friday, November 27, 2009

Eight Sleeps

Only eight more sleeps, and my daughter is getting married, she will no longer have the same surname, she will no longer be identifiable by her surname as “one of us”, she will no longer have to pretend at work that we only have the same name and are in no way related, just in case I have had sometime or other put the customers account on hold, she will have a brand new name, one she can be proud of, and her new life will begin.

As I look at her so grown up and mature, so organized something that I thought I would never see, she has lists for everything, she has thought of everything, I am so proud of her, I will be so proud to see her walk down the isle, she has grown into a beautiful young lady, one who is liked by all, someone who has compassion and will help others, someone who people like to be around, who is interesting to talk to, who can make others laugh, someone who has the ability to forgive and forget and move on because life is to short to worry about the small stuff.

When I look at her, I am thankful for all the time I spent with her, the hours in doctors waiting rooms when she got sick, the hours walking up and down trying to comfort her when she was not feeling well, the hours spent lying on her bed because she would not go to sleep, the hours doing homework, the hours testing her when she was writing exams, the hours in the car driving to and from school, the hours driving to and from the stables, the lunches that we have enjoyed together, the Friday afternoon milkshakes …………….. I would not change a moment of it.

They say children are a blessing and I know that I have been blessed by having her in my life, and I would not change a moment of it. But looking back I can see this was a choice on my part, I could have done, what my parents had done and not taken an interest, I could have just been there giving a roof over her head and food on her plate, but I wanted something more, I wanted to build good memories, that she would remember forever, and one day when she has children she can regale to them the “stories” of her mother, good loving stories and happy memories, this is the legacy that I want to leave to her ………………………….

With this wedding she has done so much herself, she handmade every invitation herself, she handmade every place name, she handmade every thank you card.

She taught herself how to make candles and made every candle herself.

She made her own thank you gifts, when it would have been so much easier just to buy them.

She hand made the boxes for her flowers for the tables because she could not find exactly what she wanted at the price she was prepared to pay.

She deserves only the very best on her special day, she deserves for all the dreams she has for this special day to be fulfilled, she deserves the sunset which she ordered months ago, she deserves her dreams to come true ……

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