Saturday, June 5, 2010

First week........ Last week

Wow,  what  a  week,  the  first  week  on  our  new  computer  system,  and  now  I  am  exhausted,  it  is  so  hard  to  have  to  think.................  every  key  stroke,  every  tab  ( not  enter),  you  have  to  think  about  what  you  are  doing......  every time  you  want  to  look  something  up........  you  have  to  think  about  how  to  do  it,  where  to  get  the  information  from.....  every  question ,  every  query you  have  to  think.........   no  wonder  my  brain  is  crying  out  for  a  rest  I  probably  have  not  used  that  part  ..  the  thinking  part......  for  the  past  few  years,  and  it  is  "stiff"  from  being  used  too  much  this  week.  I  have  been  in bed  by  9.30  all week,  which  is  really early  for  me,  and  I  have  really just   passed out,  thinking  is really  just too  dangerous  for  your  health,  there  should  be  some  kind  of  warning  about  doing  it  too  much..............

I must  say  the change  over  to the  new  system   went  surprisingly    well,  everyday  we  just  learnt and used  one  aspect,  and  learnt  it  well,  then  the next  day  we  did  something  else,  so that  by  the  end  of the  day  everyone  could  do the  entries  by themselves........  we  were  called  the  "star"  students  as  there  were  no  tears,  no  frustration outbursts  and  most  of  all  everyone really  pulled  together  as  a  team.........  I  was  really  proud  of  everyone........  I  just  hope  we  don't  forget  is  all by  Monday??

And  then the  cherry  on the  top for  the  end  of the  week  was,  it  was  also the  end of  the  5  week  challenge.....  and  I  am  pleased with my  performance   that  although  I  only  lost  2.5  kg  in weight  (  which  is  actually  more  because  muscle is  heavier  than  fat)  I   lost    27.5  cm,  (which  is  almost  the  size  of  a  ruler )   all over  my  body,  which  means  in  just  5  weeks  I  went  down  one  whole  dress  size

I  must  say  I  am  feeling  REALLY  good.........  it  is  so  nice  for  my  clothes  not  to  just  fit.......  but  to  fit  with  room  to  spare......  but  my  daughter  who  lost  20 cm    and  I    are  now  hooked  and  so  we  are  having  the  weekend  off.......  I  had  a  chocolate,  and  liquorish   and  a  Tinkie  cake  for  breakfast   this  morning...............  and  it  is  back  for  another  5  weeks  on  Monday............................


  1. Congrats on the inches/lbs loss for the 5 weeks! And learning a new system too is great.It's good to learn something new every day, but don't push it! Hope next week is as great!

  2. good going on the weight loss rose

  3. Hey great news and 2.5kg is not to be sneezed at, though I have to ask - what the heck is a Tinkie cake?

  4. Awesome.... You are a real star.... Carry on dear Karen,... :-)

  5. Wow! Good on you!

    And hey, thanks for the linky luv on FlogYoBlog Friday.=)

  6. Congratulations. Learning new computer program and loosing weight is a lot of accomplishments. JB



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