Sunday, May 30, 2010


Saturday,  was  manicure  and  pedicure  day,  something  I  treat  myself  with  once  a  month,  but  not  for
the  normal  reason, people  go  and  have  this  done,  you  see  I am  guilty  I  have .......................  wait  for  it  Podophobia.
I  have to  confess,  I  have  a phobia  about  feet.........   I  hate  feet,  as  far  as  I am  concerned  they  are  the  ugliest  part  of  anyone's  body......  the  only  saving  grace is  that  they  can  be  hidden  in shoes.  No  one  will tell you  this,  but that  is  why  shoes  are  so  beautiful  because  it is  the  only  way  to  hide the  ugly  ten  toed  "things" that  lurk   below.
Have  you  ever  looked  at  feet.............. I  mean  REALLY  looked  at  peoples   feet...........   toes.........  with corns,  and knobbles  and  bumps,  of  irregular  lengths  .......   heels................. cracked  with  crators so deep  that  it  puts  the  Grand  Canyon  to  shame.............  Nails...........  with  last months  garden soil  still embedded   on the  sides...........  fat  and  bulbous...........  long  and  skinny..........  in  my worst  nightmare  the  thing  that  scares  me the  most  is  feet............. and  bats............  and .........

I  have  always  had  a  thing  about  feet,  it was  not until my  females  parts  were  torn  from  my  body,   which  resulted  in  hot  flushes  that  I  gave  in and  started  wearing  open  shoes,  it  was  either  melt  or show  off my  toes........ .  and  I  am  afraid,  to  my horror  and  continued  embarrassment  the  toes  won.
If  you  want  me  to go crazy,  put  your  feet on me.........  I am getting  the "hibbies"  just  writing  about feet.
Even  my childrens  feet    even  when  they  were  tiny,  I  had  to  wash them  with a cloth because  I  could  not  bear  to touch them.....
Now  because  I  cannot  touch  feet,  which  can  be  really  difficult  when  you  have  two  attached  to  the  end  of  your  legs,   I have  had  to go and  have  a  pedicure  every month,  and  after  months  of doing  this,  I  still   lie  there  like  a  board,  while  Yvette  is  trying  with  all her  skills  to make  it  a  pleasant  experience.................  not  in  this  life  time.................

Now  this  sign  is  one  that  I  want  to have  made  and  put  up in  all public  places...........   I  could  really live  in a  world  where  everyone  has  to  check  there  feet  in at the  door..........


  1. I have not ever gone for a pedicure, because I would not like to have someone touching my feet.
    Luckily, we wear winter boots for much of the year here, sandal season is very short!

  2. I've never had a pedicure..really and truly! I hate feet, but not as much as you. I work in surgery and everyone there knows how much I hate podiatry work...eeek..touching someones feet without gloves would make me puke for sure. I'm not crazy about touching them with my surgery gloves on either! But I do wear sandals in the summer and maybe one of these days I'll break down and get a peddie..we'll see!

  3. WOW! Seriously! Karen, i never knew you were having this phobia.... Hmmm.... well as far as pedicure is concerned i haven't got one done ever.... i just try to do it myself... maybe that is why i have strange feet. Haha

  4. I hate my own feet. I feel like everyone has nicer feet than me. So I try hard to dress them up so as not to inflict my feet on others.

    *shudder* feet are truly gross!

  5. love a pedicure but i get giddy. plan to follow your blog rose

  6. Well honey when I get through laughing I might can write you a comment.
    Seriously I hate to admit it but I have to agree with you on most of this. Now I don't quite hate them though as you do but in the last few years my feet have really gotten to be an embrassment with they way they are looking. Never knew feet could turn ugly on you until I watched mine.
    Remind me never to show them to you. hahaha
    You are a riot but keep writing I so enjoy you

  7. This is one thing that has never changed with you my friend! I admire you though for taking that giant step and allowing someone to evern TOUCH your feet - it's a miracle!

  8. Karen, you may laugh at me but I had this uneasy feeling about feet until one day at our church I was asked if I would consider washing someone's feet in a ceremony just before Easter. Since I was heavily involved in the church ministries at the time. I felt honored of being chosen along with someone else to do the washing of the feet.

    My first experience was washing the feet of this elderly gentleman who had humbly given much services to the church over the years. His feet were knurled and thin. They showed much wear and tear over the years.

    He trusted his feet to me to wash. Yes this part of his body that he never showed in public. I felt such warmth in my heart for this old gentleman as I washed his feet. I gently and carefully wash each feet as if they were so precious and wiped dry with a soft towel with great reverence and this simple act was so humbling to me and sacred.

    It was as if I was washing Jesus feet and now I have a whole new reverence for feet.

    I just thought that I would share this experience that has left a lasting experience on me. By the way I have huge bunions on my feet but I don't hide them. I'm lucky to have feet. My little grandson was born without a left hand this year.

    I'm looking forward at exploring your blog. JB



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