Sunday, May 2, 2010

Private and Confidential

I  Had  a  dream.............
It  is  not  often  I  remember  my  dreams  but  last  night  I  had  a  dream,  I  had  a dream  about  an  open  gate,  and  this  morning I  woke  up  with  a lightness,  which  I  haven't  felt  in  a  long  while, when I  looked  up  the  meaning  of  the  dream,  it  means  being  set  free,  free to  find  yourself,  free to  discover who  you  are........................................
 I know a  few   people  are wondering  when  I will  find  the words,  to  write   about the  changes  that  have  been  happening  in my  life...............  I  don't  think  I  ever  will it is  really  too  painful, and  not  for all ......... but my  special  friends  to  know  about,  ...........    I  don't  think  I  want  to  discuss it  or  think  about  it  ever  again, from  the  beginning  I  put  it in  God's  hands  and  gave him  full control,  so  I  am  not  going  to  take  it  back,  however,    listening  to  this  old  song   yesterday  made  me  realise  that even  if  I  did  have  the  inclination  to write  something  I  could  never  say  it  better  than  the  lyrics  to  this  old  song................

So many words we didn't say,
Two people lost in a storm
Where did we go?
Where  did  we  go?

We lost what we both had found
You know we let each other down

We played the games that people play
We made our mistakes along the way
Sometimes I know deep in my heart
You needed me
Because I needed you so desperately
We were too blind to see 

But then most of all

 (Still  by  Lionel  Richie)


  1. HI Dear Karen,

    You write so beautifully. I really like the way you write and express the simplest of things. There are some things that we cannot say, it is understood. I have not have seen the world more than you do and i may never get to know what you would have underwent, but i just want you to know that You are a person who could influence others. Your writing has so much power and it makes me think of what i feel about certain things that happened in my life. I may not be able to write them all. I wish that you maintain this feeling of happiness and relief that you are feeling. With all the love. Ratz

  2. Good luck on your journey through that open gate. Healing and scars are part of life. It seems like you're doing a great job of facing challenges. I wish you the best!

  3. That sounds like a very positive sign. I'm glad you're feeling lighter and freer. Good luck on your journey.

  4. Hi, Stumbled across your path(blog) this evening. Nice to meet You:) I noticed that you mention putting God in Control of your circumstances. My Bible study group just finished a book called "Finding God's Path Through Your Trials" by Elizabeth George . It is a wonderful study on the 1st chapter of James. May God Bless you!

  5. Thanks everyone, for your good wishes, it is always so much easier when there are people on your side, praying for you, will try and get a copy of the book, thanks again

  6. Karen,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog again. You are so right and so wise when you say you have given "it" to God and you aren't going to pick it back up. If all of us could only apply that to our lives, what a difference it would make!

    As far as schooling kids go, I have decided that there is no perfect answer. We all want our kiddos to have the very best there is, but not any situation is perfect. They all have their downfalls - homeschooling included. It's one of my life's issues that I've had to give to God...and try to leave it there! Sometimes, though, I'm not as good as it as you are! Have a blessed week!

  7. I understand- sometimes things are too close to our hearts to share. And sometimes they weigh so heavily on our shoulders that we need to shift the burden - and give our trouble to God. What a wise thing to do. Will keep you in my prayer- have enjoyed meeting you over at Mom Loop. I'm here for the Mom Loop Friday follow:)

  8. I'm going to have to echo Shannon and Ratz here, you write beautifully and yes, it is quite wise to be able to know when our burdens are too great for us to carry alone. I'm here from the Mom Loop Friday Follow! Nice to meet you!



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