Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Morning or Evening

 You  are  given the  gifts  of the  God's,  you  create  you  own  reality according  to  your  beliefs.  Yours  is the  creative energy that makes  you  world. There  are  no  limitations  to  the  self,  except  those  you believe  in  (Jane Roberts)

 I  have  heard  that  you  are  either  a  morning  person  or  an  evening  person,  but  I  am  blessed  by  the  fact  that  for  me  that is  not  true  I  love  to  get  up  very  early  in the  mornings  and  go  to  bed  late  in  the  evening......  I  suppose  you can  say  I  truly  have  the  best  of  both  worlds.
I  was  at  a  birthday  braai,   on  Saturday  evening and  I was   sharing  about how  for  the first  time  in  living  memory on Wednesday  morning   I  had  overslept,  probably  because  of  all the  gyming  and the training ..............  this  was  quite  a  surprise   for everyone  knowing  how  disgustingly punctual  I  am, some   of them  are  convinced that  my  job  is to  wake  the  birds  every morning  because  I  am  such  an  earlier  riser.........  so  someone  asked  what  time  I  had over slept  until.........  and  when  I  said  5.30  they  were  rolling  on  the  floor.......  they  thought  is  was  hysterical  most  of  them  don't  even  normally  get  up  until  after  6.00  am.................

It  then  got  me  wondering  about how  they can  "waste"  their  time  sleeping, ,  if they  get  up  so  late,  I mean  what  is  the point  in  sleeping  your  life  away.........
I  have  always  been  an  early  riser  like  my  dad........... his  father  owned  a  trucking  company,  and  he  would  get  up  at  4.00am  every  day as  a  child  to  say goodbye  to  his  dad,  and  for him  it became  a habit  and he   was  always up  early...  as  a  child  I  used  to  like  getting up  early  because  then  I  would  have  him  all to  myself, and  not  have  to,   for  this  little  while  share  him with  my  sisters,   and  I  suppose  for  me  it  also  became  a  habit...........
I love  sitting outside  in the  chill  of the  mornings  having  my  first  cup  of  tea,  watching  the  dawn  break  there  is  something  so  magical  about  this  time  in the  morning,  it  is  like  the  world  takes  its  first  breath  as  the  sun  comes  up,  thankful  for  another  day........  thankful for  the  chance  to  try  again...........
I  never  have  to  rush  to get  ready,  I  never  yelled,  screamed  or  shouted at  the  girls  to  get  ready  for school,  there  was  never  tears  in the  morning,  they were  never, late  for  school,  for  a  party,  for  anything,  this  is  my benefit  for  getting  up  so  early,  life  is  tranquil................
I  decided  a  long  time  ago,  that  I did not   want  to  get  to  heaven  one  day,  and  have  not  used  every  gift  I   was  given,  had not  opened  every present  that  He  gave  me,  and  helped  every  person that  crossed  my  path  that  it  was  in  my  power  to  help......  I  don't  ever  want  to  have  regrets  about  what  I  could  have  done  and  didn't ............

Life  is  really  just  to  short  for  regrets........  I  will live  every  day  to the fullest,  fit  as  much  as  I  can  into  it,  do  as  much  as  I  can,  see as  much  as  I  can,  meet as  many  people  as  I  can,  talk  to as  many  people  as  I  can.........  so  when  it  is  my  time  I  can  say " I  am  ready"...............


  1. What a wonderful post this is Karen! I so enjoyed my visit to your site. Thankful that you found me so that I could find you!
    Your writing is awesome and I am looking forward to being a follower.
    Hope when I get back to feeling good again that I can get to know you better. Right now with the pain I am limited to just a few minutes a day on here.
    Take care

  2. Super post! I get up early too because of work and I don't sleep in very late on weekends..I had a good friend who's motto was:"Don't waste the day" sure don't waste yours! My hubby and I joke that we get more done by 8am than most people do all day!

  3. I noticed that my previous post was signed in on my other account so I wanted to come back and sign in as grandmayellow hair because did not know if you would know me by Maggie..haha
    Wow I noticed on your profile your from Africa. How interesting? Are you from Africa or did you relocate to there.

  4. Thank you for this beautiful post, and for reminding me of the joys of waking up early. I think I am going to stick to my resolve to begin getting up earlier again.

  5. Gorgeous piece and I'm right with you early riser, though I do need to learn to stop and enjoy that first cuppa with the sunrise, I seem to start running... I too wonder how so many can waste so many hours. You are not alone, though I'm sure you've felt alone at times as we early riser, doer, punctual types aren't always appreciated.

  6. Beautiful post and an eye opener for a self confessed sleepoholic. I am mostly a night person. 8 for me is early in the morning. I have tried a lot to get up early but this is how much i have managed so far... But maybe i will give a try again... to get all these beautiful gifts....

  7. I too used to get up early with my dad also just to have "alone" time with him - awesome! And yes, i still get up early because time is too precious to waste and also seem to get a lot done before going to work each morning. Thanks for lettime me know there are others out there doing the same!

  8. Thank you so much for stopping by. I can't say if I'm a night person or not but I do know I am not a morning person at all!



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