Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank you

I  have  never  done  this  on  a  blog before  so  this  is  a first,  I would  like  to thank  all my amazing blogger  friends  for the amazing  support  and  love  I   have  felt,  after  my last  blog............  you cannot begin  to know  what it  did  to lift  my spirit,  knowing  that  you  were  holding me  up in  prayer.......

This  is  for  Yaya,  Maggie,  Ratz,  Cheryl,  Pennie.............  you  guys  are the  best  blogger  buddies  ever  and I  am  blessed  by the  fact  that  I  have  you  all as  friends

My  cupboards  are  all cleaned,  my clothes  are  colour coded, my  message  for  Sunday is  done,  my holiday club  lessons  are  all typed,  nothing like  hard  work  to  take  your  mind  of  things..............  but more than  that  I had  an amazing evening  with my Heavenly  Father  last  night,  had  a  good  cry,  without the  help of any  onions .............  and  realised  that  God  loves  me,  and   sends  his  angels (  all you  guys)  to lift  me up when  sometimes  the  road  gets  a  little  rocky........ 


  1. Thanks Karen and you are welcome, any time. I think this is what drew me to this blog in the first place - your opening lines about finding peace and new beginnings. They are what we all crave and mostly they are right here and we are never ever alone. Now to go and organise myself, sounds as if you've been like the white tornado sweeping through!

  2. You are sooo welcome... I'm glad today is brighter and I'm jealous that your clothes are color coded! Some of that energy would be appreciated please! Have a good weekend!

  3. Awwww.... thankyou Karen for this beautiful post. I am so super glad that you are feeling better and that you could cry out. I understand when you say God loves you... I feel that sometimes after so long that i cannot help feeling so happy that there is always someone and that he is sending angels for us on this earth. We are here for you as you will be for us. Love you. Take good care and the best part- Weekend is coming... YAY!!!

  4. what a lovely post! Color coding clothes is absolutely amazingly helpful isn't it?

  5. I found you through another blog and I am happy that I did. I have read on and read several of your previous posts and I love what I have seen. The one on getting up early really hits me because I sleep in late and stay up late at night and I know I waste a lot of good morning time. I got up early so many years when I was working. This is my excuse. So now I feel I can get up whenever I want to. The apartment windows post was very well written and I liked your analysis of the curtains.

  6. What a nice post! Sharing the love by commenting always brings a smile. Have a great weekend!

  7. Aw honey your the one that we should be thanking because you are such a gifted loving person and we all get so much from you.
    I do appreciate the sweet words of Thank you and back at you honey.
    Now I have to reread this post did you say you color code your clothes. Girlfriend if you opened my closet you would pass smooth out. Especially since there is only one closet in this old farm house. hahaha
    If you did not live so far I would put you to work organizing my life



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