Saturday, June 26, 2010

Holiday Club

 Our  Awesome  Youth
 Hero Day

Over the  past  few  years  in order  to help a friend  I  have  been  involved with the  Church's bi annual  holiday club.  This  is a  time  when  we  throw  the  doors  open  to  all children of  the  community , to spend a  week  free of  charge being  entertained  by the "older"  youth  of  our  congregation.  This  year  I  was  called  to do the  lessons,  and  so about  4  months  ago,  once the  theme  for the holiday club had  been  chosen  which  was  the "The Armour of God"  I started  the  lessons,  I  really had  so much  fun  doing  it,  each  day the  children  made  a  part  of the  armour  and  decorated  it, we  organised  for  the  fire  department to come and visit  on one  day,  the  coldest  day of the  year,  but the  children  didn't  care,  they just  loved the  siren, and the two fireman,  were  real  characters,   STOP, DROP, COVER YOUR FACE AND ROLL,  is something that  I  don't think  any of them will forget,  also they will not forget that  the  rather  large  fireman  chose a tiny little  girl  to help him with the  demonstration,  and  while  she was  rolling round  the  stage  like  a ping pong ball,  he was having  to make  sure  he did  not roll over  her  and  squash her.  But the main theme  was that  they use  there  specially made clothing equipment  to protect themselves from the heat  of the  fire,  just like we can use  God's armour  to  protect us from  danager.

We  also  organised  for a biker  to come  and visit with the  same  idea,  full kit  which  showed  the children  what they wea  to protect themselves  in case  they  fall, they  also instilled  in  them  the  need  to wear  protective  clothing  when  they  are  riding  their  bikes  and  skate  boarding.
Thursday  was the  busiest  day  with  102  children,  how they  fitted  into  our  tiny  church  is a miracle  in itself,  that  was the  day the  geyser  burst,  because of the  freezing  temperatures,  it  was the  day,  the  painters  who  are  repainting the  roof,  decided  to  drop  25  litres of paint  on to  those  who were  standing below,  and it  was the  first  time  ever,  we asked  a  mother  to please  not bring her  child  back,  not only was his language  something  out  of an X rated  movie,  but  he  actually hit one of the  leaders,  the  saddest  part  is   he probably  learnt  this  at  home,  but  it  gave us an  idea  for next  time, to  have the  minister  ready  to talk to  these  children  and their  parents  about  their  behaviour, if  they  are  acting  like this  at  12  what  will they  be  doing  at  16 and  18...........
Friday  night  is  concert  night,  this  is  when  we  invite  the  parents  to  see  what  we  have  been  doing  with  their  children all week,  the  church  was  packed,  and  a  great  time  was  had  by all,  as  usual  the  leaders  stunned  us  with  their  awesome  presentations, i  was  the  master  of  ceremonies,  and  twice  during  the  presentations  I  had  to  pull out  the  tissues,  that  so much  talent  is  in  one  tiny  little  church is  most  definately  a  blessing  from  God...............

Pyjama  day
 Soccer  Day

And  to  everyone's  sadness  and relief  holiday  club  is  over  for  another  six  months,  and  we  use  this  time  to  collect  funds,  to  pay  for  the  next  holiday  club............  and  it  all starts  all over  again........


  1. What a fantastic thing to do. You must be feeling slightly sad, but also warm and fuzzy. Thanks for sharing about it.

  2. I know what a great task that was...but what a wonderful time for all the kids! Good job, I bet you're exhausted..I smiled at the clothing because it's summer here and we are hot and humid and you can just feel the cold looking at the kids in their jackets and hats! Great pics, thanks!

  3. WHat a fabulous thing to be a part of..... some events were sad though but on the whole a day worth..... LOve you dear Karen....

  4. just got to see your posts, my computer was sick and is now OK. what a great busy and great time with the children. i loved the theme. i read your other posts, sorry about the break in. wow to stay in a castle. have a good and blessed day.

  5. I love hearing about and seeing pictures from your corner of the world. Fascinating!!! Your time spent with the children sounds absolutely blessed!
    Blessings to you!!!!

  6. Amazing what God can do! Just seeing those pictures of all those children together brought tears!

    It is sad about the language of the one boy, I think the minister is a good idea for next year. I am sure these events get better and better as they continue.

    Praise God for this opportunity to change young lives!

  7. Karen I so enjoyed my visit here with you today. What an amazing story and the difference your making in the lives of all these children. So sad about the one young man.
    I appreciate all your kind comments about me getting well. I know its all in Gods hands and that I am too impatient. Living alone I worry about not going back to work or loosing one of my jobs.
    Would love for you to be a Blogazine Guest on my site. Its just doing a story about you or any story you want to tell and a picture with a link to your site. This way my friends can get to know you too
    If interested just send your story to

  8. Hello, I'm following your blog publicily via GFC from Follow me Fridays!

    Would love for you to come and follow me back! :)
    A Lil' Of This A Lil' Of That

    ~ Gigi

  9. What a rewarding and wonderful idea to work with the kids this way. I bet that they will want to come back over and over again. Blessings. JB



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