Monday, July 5, 2010

Best Weekend Ever

 To Change  one's  life, start immediately, do it flamboyantly, No exceptions and No excuses ..................
This  weekend  was  one  filled  with  fun  and  laughter,  for  me  it  was a  taste  of  how  my  life  will  be
in the  not  too distant  future,  when  I  can  finally  put  the  past  behind  me  and  move  on  to  the  kind  of  life  we  had  this  weekend..........

It  started  on  Friday  when  after  going  out  for  supper  we  ended  up  at  a  friends  house  to  watch  the  soccer..........  everyone  is  soccer  mad here  at the  moment ,  and  although  I  am  still unable  to see the  fascination of  watching  22 men,  no  matter  how  good  looking  chasing  a  tiny little  ball around  a pitch and  getting  paid  for  it...  is  still beyond  my  comprehension..............  But  I  watched  an  entire  game,  Ghana  verses Uraguay.....  and  if  90  minutes  was  not  enough  punishment the  game  went  into  over time  and  then  into  penalties.........  and  then  I  was  enough  and  never  want  to subject  myself  to  such  cruelty  ever  again................ I mean  all they  do  is  hug  one  another  every time something  good  happens,  they  swear  when  things  don't  go their  way,  and  my  personal  favorite.........  the  spitting???

On  Saturday  I  was  up  bright  and  early,  and  was  brave  enough  to change  my hair  colour.... someone  once said  a  change  is as  good  as  a holiday.........  and  as  holidays are  still some  months  away  it was  the  change  I  decided  on.................. and  then  it  was  SHOPPING,  now  I  am  not   a  shopper  by  nature,  but  put  8 of  us  together,  and  let  us  loose  in  the  Oriental  Bazaar........  where  you  can  trade  for  anything,  and  three  hours  flew  past  like  minutes............  although  I  think  my  bank  balance  would  disagree  somewhat .............

We  had  lunch  in  an  Indian  restaurant  called  The  Purple  Peacock  Curry  Den,  the  place  was amazing  it  was  almost  in an  alley  way,  with  wrought  iron along the  walkway,  the  people  were  certainly  not  the  friendliest  I  have  ever  been  served  by........  and  we  were  "told"  off  because  we  had  forgot  to order  one  cold drink and they  had  to  go  back  for  it??  I am afraid  that  the  place  did  not  instill me with  confidence  about  its  hygiene and   so  I  went  with  a  really  Indian  dish "Toasted  cheese  and  tomato"  Although  I  did  buy  some  cheese  and onion  samoosas  on the  way  out  which  were  very  good.

Then  off  to the  movies,  and  we  agreed  we  would  watch  the  next  movie that  we  could  get   in to,  it was a  South  African  movie called  Shucks  Shabalala..........  which  was  a  pity  because  Eclipse  was  showing  and  I am  just  dying  to  see that.......  It was  good  very  slap stick,  full of  pranks  on  people... and long  enough  for  me  to eat  the  required  amount  of  popcorn,  which  if  the  truth  be  told  is the  only reason I  go to the  movies  there  is  nothing  like  movie  house  popcorn.......  I  love  to  spice it with sour cream which  makes  me  cough.......  so i  normally spend  most of the  movie   coughing.......  but  wouldn't change my spice  for the world.

Then  on  Sunday  we  went  to the  most  amazing  tea garden for  lunch.  "Her  Majesties Salon"  the  place  is  completely  decorated  in Victorian  style,  the  toilet  door handles  were  spoons,  the  chandeliers  had  tea  cups  hanging  from  them,  the  wall done  out  in maroon  wall paper,  a  fire  burning  to keep us  warm,  the  food  was  amazing  the  best  Rooibos  iced  tea  I  have  ever  tasted.........  company was  great,  what  more  could  you  ask  for????


  1. Gee, it wasn't even a holiday there like here in the US. Glad you had so much fun and were so adventurous to color your hair! I had today off so I went this morning and saw Eclipse...It was very good...better than the last one. So go see it when you're able. I too love movie popcorn. My first job when I was 16 was a candy girl in a movie theater...still my fav job to this day! If it paid better I would still do it..maybe if I ever retire some theater would hire me. (I can just see me giving free popcorn to all old I used to do for my friends when I was young!)

  2. It sounds like lots of fun! I would have especially enjoyed going to the tea house!

  3. What a great weekend. So glad you enjoyed yourself. I think I would of loved all of it except the soccer.
    I too have to have popcorn at the movies. Why else do you go. hahaha
    I read Yaya comment and said Eclipse was very good so we both have to get ourselves to the theater.
    Looking forward to your story

  4. what a busy time. saw eclipse great go see it.

  5. My husband is very caught up in the World Cup. I can't really get into soccer that much, either. Now shopping? There's my sport. :)

  6. Honey I jusr got on here tonight for a minute and your comments lifted me so much that I know I will be able to sleep tonight.
    Wipe those tears honey because you and all the other great people on here have given me the courage to stand up and face whatever it is and in Gods hands I will be just fine.
    Your a blessing to me and I can not even begin to tell you how your comments today have helped me.
    Thank you for putting me on your prayer roll I can not begin to imagine 1000 people praying for me but actually when I was reading your message it felt like a peace came over me telling me everything is going to be ok.
    How can I thank you
    I love you

  7. Hi! Thanks for stopping by Follow Along Fridays. It does look like you had a good weekend. I also went a little crazy with my hair, just length not color. Thank goodness it worked out :)

  8. Sounds like a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing your story over at Maggie's. I really enjoyed reading it!


  9. Hello....found you thru Grandma Yellowhair. You sound like an amazing woman.....looking forward to getting to know you better.



  10. Hi Karen, I just read your story on Maggie's blog and thought it was very clever and your pic is just too cute. I feel I know you just a bit better now and good luck in the future because you do deserve the very best!

  11. Hi Karen I am stopping by to say HI! I read your story on Maggie's blog! I liked your story and you are a great writer too!

  12. Her Majesties Salon sounds great!! Just the sort of stop I would love to make. Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend :)



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