Monday, July 26, 2010

Peace and Relaxation

This  weekend  was  my sisters  birthday,  so  we  took  the  opportunity  to go and  spend  some time  with her, we  left  early on  Saturday  morning,  I  didn't  even  have  to  drive,  my son in law  has  taken  a  "liking"  to my  new  car,  and  luckily  for  me  he  just  loves  to drive  it.  I  sat  in the  back  like  a  lady  of  leisure  and  caught  up  on  some  reading................

The  amazing  thing  about  visiting  my sister  is  that  within  half  an  hour  of  getting  there  you  feel  like  you have  been away  for  a  week,  it  is  just  so  quiet  and  what  on earth  can  be    more  relaxing  than  sitting  watching  the  animals  come  down  to the  water  hole.........  it  really  is amazing.......  it  is  almost  as  though  they  take  it in turns  and  as  one   group  leave  then  another  one  arrives,  so the  view  is  ever  changing............  and  you  don't  even  have  to  move  off your  chair..............  and  for  me  just  what  the  doctor  ordered,  things  are  very  stressed at  work,  on  Friday  we  were asked  by  HR   if  anyone  needed  some  stress  councilling,  I  think  they  are  afraid  that  we  are  going  to  bring  machine  guns  to  work,  and  vent  our  frustration  on  the  people  who  agreed  to  the  new  computer  system...........  many a  true  word  was  said  in  jest................

For  me  the  Eland  are  the  most  beautiful,  regal  animals  with  clown  faces,  almost  as though  nature  played  a  joke  on them,  it  makes  you  wonder  how  these  markings  can  in any  way  enable  them  to  blend  into  the back ground and  yet  when  you  walk  through  the  bush  you  can  hardly  see them  hidden  in the  undergrowth,  and  then  the  zebra  they are just  so cute  in the  stripped  pyjamas........

My  sister  had  cooked  up  a  storm  the  day  before  so  not  only  was  supper  amazing,  but  we  had   melktert,   malva  pudding  and  lemon  merangue  for dessert.................

What  can  I  say  I  think  I  put  on at least  5  kg  this  weekend.   But  more  that  the  food  the  company  was  amazing,  we  all  sat  around  the  table  and  laughed  telling  stories  of our  childhood,  and  reminising  about  all the  trouble  we  had  got  into..............  and  before  you  knew  it, it  was time  for  bed,  in the  morning  after  breakfast  again  a  feast  fit  for  a  king,   we  went  on  a  long  walk  and  hopefully  worked  off some  of  the  food  we  had  indulged  in  during  our  stay ..................all  too soon  the  weekend  was over and  we  were  on our  way  home  with  the  realisation  that  if  you  don't  have  the love  of  family and  friends  you  really don't  have  anything  at  all........................


  1. That pie looks awesome! I'm not sure what the other food was but if it tasted as good as that pie looked, you were a lucky lady indeed. Isn't having a Sister just the best thing ever? I love my Sis and will be visiting her in a few weeks. I don't think she'll be making a pie for me isn't her thing! I do covet your car..I want a new one but think I'll wait until next year. Have a stress free week if possible!

  2. the pie looks great and should be eaten. i have a sister in my town. no traeling distance.

  3. Looks and sounds marvelous, Karen! I'd love the opportunity to watch animals like that come and go. Creation is so amazing! Thanks so much for your prayers for Geraldine. I haven't heard any news yet today, but am hoping that no news is good news.

  4. Karen I am glad I stopped by to check on you. Sounds like a wonderful well deserved weekend for you my friend.
    Sorry your work has been so stressful. I really feel like I am playing hookey since I have missed so much work.
    Your visit sounded like what every family needs to do because it is so true what do we have if we don't have the love of our family and friends.
    Happy to know you had such a blessed weekend and I love your car



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