Monday, October 19, 2009

Emseni Retreat

What a hectic few weeks I have had all culminating in the Enseni woman’s
retreat last weekend.
Unless you were there you really cannot understand the type of weekend we had, it was absolutely filled with the Holy Spirit from the time we arrived until the time we left, we had confirmation after confirmation that the Lord was present.
We started the weekend with supper, taking everyone out of their comfort zones by making them choose a colour and then they had to sit at the table matching that colour, forcing people to mix with and get to know one another and we did this for every meal.
We then started with the mask………. A poem about how we hid ourselves behind masks, I wore a mask which I think had a big impact. And then the
Message about the mask, about privacy and keeping things to ourselves.
The friend who had helped organized the retreat and I then gave our testimonies. I had written mine out, but the Lord was having none of that, and I spoke from the heart, there was hardly a dry eye , including mine when we had finished.
Up at 6 am on Saturday for pyjama prayers, what an awesome time, spending time with God in the early morning, at the end of prayers I was led to say Be still and know that I am God, which was the confirmation for one of the ladies present that the Lord was there because that was exactly what she had been thinking.
The it was Wanda Bam, who came to share her message, and lead us in praise and worship, all I can say is WOW we started at 8.30 and finished the first section at 11.00 and it was like a few minutes had passed , we finished off the day at about 12.30 and everyone was emotionally drained and spiritually full, so we broke until after lunch.
We started the lessons after lunch and it really was just amazing how the ladies took to the answering of question, of praying into the prayers.
We continued in this mode until after supper, we then had a movie, which was again WOW although bought before the final programme was decided it fitted completely in with the whole day, very funny but also very thought provoking.
We were all given a rock, and after the movie, everyone was given time to off load all their problems into the rock and lay it at the foot of the cross.
With the lights still off from the movies, it was a very emotional time.
Then we had the praise and worship, had technical trouble so we could not play the last song, but decided to go ahead with communion so that the mood was not spoiled. Again this was a WOW moment, the table setting almost shimmered in the candle light, it was one of the most spiritual moments I have had, we served everyone communion and then there was to be silence until PJ prayers the next morning.
Up at 6 am no urn, for coffee not a good way to start the day. Prayers at
7 am what an experience. During prayers I had an ‘urge” to start singing, I could not believe it, I just don’t sing….. anyway I was obedient and began singing, afterwards the other leader asked why I chose that song, it was the last song of the night before that we had been unable to play……… talk about the presence of the Holy Spirit. i am really thankful that the ladies could not talk, imagine 26 people complaining they could not have tea or coffee.
Managed to get tea from the main canteen after getting access codes. Had such fun with the awards, like best idea, turning the stone into a friend with ears and eyes, most game, for taking part in everything, three musketeers, no matter how hard I tried, had every lunch together ,etc then church, where very few people remembered to bring money for the collection. Then we had a quick quiz, which I went on to a quiz site on the internet, and all those I got wrong I used for the quiz. I was glad to see that no one got all the answers right, even though they used their bibles to look up the answers.
Then I was time for last praise and worship and time to go home…….
That is when my moment came, a few years ago I watch a DVD by Joyce Meyer, and in the DVD she tells of how she had asked for a sign that she was on the right track, that she was not doing her own thing, she shares , of how a woman came up to her after one of her presentation and said, she was not quite sure why but she wanted to give her a bracelet, it was a bracelet that had the colours on that represent Faith, love, joy , peace and happiness, and I clearly remember thinking at the time. “ Ja, right God who actually does that”, a mean come on who gives away their jewelry..........................................

As we closed at the end of the retreat a lady came up to me, who I had only know for 3 days, and said to me…..

“She is not sure why but something is telling her that she needs to give me her bracelet, she took the bracelet off her arm, a bracelet which has the colours in of faith, love, joy, peace and happiness” And I knew that this was a message from the Lord, that he was telling me I had “done good”.

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