Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gym Day

Well  Tuesday   was  "D"  day  or  should  I  say  "Gym"  Day,  I  have  been  carrying  my gym  bag  around in  my  car  for  over  two  weeks.........  just  so that it could    get   used  to  the  idea  of  going  back  to  gym I  didn't want to give it too much of a shock,  being exposed to people and gym equipment  after spending the last 9 months in the cupboard............  I  thought  I  would  take  it  slowly.

I must say I was very disappointed that when I swiped my card that there wasn't balloons,  whistles,  and fireworks,  that  the  manager  didn't  come  out   to  personally  welcome  me  back,  he  was  very  surprised  to  see  me,   he  had  gotten  used  to  taking  my  money  each  month and us  not  using  the  gym, we  were  one  of  the  first  families  to  join  the  gym  when  it  opened  5  years  ago,  why  oh  why  did  I  stop  going ..................   I  had not  swiped   for  so  long that  the  entrance  machine  did  not  recognise  my card,  and  I  had  to  be  let  in............very  embarrassing as  then  everyone  knows ..............  your  a   gym deserter.................
I  expected  the  gym  to  be  very  busy,  as  my  eldest  daughter  and  I  went  there   straight  from  work,  I  had  bought  myself  some  new gym  clothes  and  although  I  looked  the  part  I  certainly  didn't  feel it......

We  spent  15  minutes  on the  long  bike, I  cycled  2  kilometers ,  15  minutes  on the  rowing  machine,  I rowed  3  kilometers, and  15 minute  on the  upright  bike,  I  cycled  another  2  kilometers,  when  I  got  off   I  had  no  feeling in my  "butt"  at  all...........  and  my  legs  were  shaking  like  jelly....... the  perspiration  was  dripping  from  my  hair,  like  I  had  just  run a marathon,  and  there  were  the  stairs    down  to  the  car .............. they  were  almost  the  straw  that  broke  the  camels  back..............
But  writing  this  I  feel,  good,  a  bit  of   a  sore  knee....  but that's  the  one  I  hurt  when  I  fell  in  August and  it  still worries  me  from  time  to  time.............  And  I  am  going  back  tomorrow to  strike  while  the  iron is  hot..............  or  while  the  gym  bug bites..............  goodbye   the  Oros   Man  ,  hello  Twiggy......
 When  I  got  up  this  morning,  oh  my  giddy  aunt,  I  was  sore  in  places  that  I  didn't  know  I  even  had  places.......................  maybe  not  Twiggy............  maybe  something  just  a  little  bit  bigger......


  1. Oh, you have my undying admiration! I have been trying to get back to the gym since Alex was born, so for about a year. So far, no luck... so listen, OK?? Go do some sit-ups for me, and an extra 15 minutes on the treadmill (those can be mine) and have a salad for lunch today (I'll have pizza).

    Huh. This may really work out (I mean for me!).


  2. Go girl! You can be my inspiration. I'm trying first to change my diet and slowly add the exercise. Good luck to both of us!

  3. I LOVE that you took your gym bag around for two weeks to get used to the idea. I also love that in your mind balloons and whistles should have gone off when your card was swiped. It's actually a good idea, although I would probably get embarrassed.

  4. Thanks a lot for your comment on my blog, Karen.
    A far as I know this was the first "South African comment" I got... ;-)

    How life goes: Today / this morning I had South African visitors for a product training in the (German) company I work for. They are from Germiston near Johannesburg; that's not too far away from your home town, isn't it?

    Have you been already to Heidelberg, Germany, as well???
    Have a peep here:

    Regards from southern Germany, approx. 100 km away from Heidelberg,


  5. Oh, that first step into the gym is the hardest, isn't it? But the payoff is great -- keep up the great work!

  6. Great blog I'm new to it and have really enjoyed reading the past posts. I'm working on eating better then the exercise, baby steps. You did right by your gym bag you just can't rush those things:)



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