Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Indawo Yosizo

 I am  sure that  you  are  all wondering  what   Indawo Yosizo  means.........  it  means  "Centre  of  Help"  and it  is an amazing  place  filled  with dedicated  people,  whose  main  objective  is  to make a  difference  to  those  in  need,  and  I  must  say  I  am  humbled  by  the fact  that  I am  part  of this  amazing  organisation.
 Although  they  are  involved  in many projects, my  passion  is  the children,  mainly because  they  didn't  have  a  choice  about  there birth,  they  didn't  ask  to  live  in  poverty,  they  didn't  ask  to be  orphans, we  mainly  deal with  those  children who  are   affected  and  infected  by  HIV/Aids,  and  I  really don't  think  that  people  are  aware  of  how  this  pandemic  is destroying  the  lives  of  millions  of  people,  I  am not  just  talking  about the people  who  are  dying   I  am talking  about the children  who  are  left  behind  to  fend  for  themselves,  I  am  talking  about  the  13-18  year  old  children  who  are  left  to  raise  their  brothers  and  sisters  because  their  parents  are  gone,  I  am  talking  about  children  who  don't  eat  everyday  who  sometimes  only  eat  twice  a  week.
We   started  with  this  program a  few  years  ago  at  a   school  called  Sikile Primary  School in  a  place  called  Ratanda,  we  started   with  5  children,  the  first  time  we  visited   we  took  along   school  bags  and  stationary, these  children  had  only  ever  used  a  plastic  packet  to  carry  their  books in,  and  were thrilled  to  have   their own school  cases,  and    pens,  pencils,  papers, .....  they  had  never   had  their  own  always  had  to  share with the  other  50  children  in  their  class.

This  is  Nellie,  the  teachers  said  she  very seldom came to school  until  we  started  to  help her,  and  then  she  changed  from  a  quiet,  surly  child  into  someone  who  took  part  in class discussions and  who  actually  smiled............ we  bought  her  a  dress as  she  was  wearing  boys  clothes  the first  time  we  met  her,  and  we all  thought  she  was  a  little  boy,  only  the little  pink  belt  gave  us  an  inkling that  she  was  a little  girl...........

This  is  the  children  lining  up  for   cold  drinks, the  school  had  a  heritage  day  celebration,  and we  gave  all   850  children  in the  school  a  packet  of  biscuits  and  a  cold  drink,  we  had  to  make up  concentrated  orange  juice  as  we  did  not  have  enough  money  to  buy  tins,  or  bottles  of  cold drink...................  it  took  us  hours........  but  it  was  all  worthwhile  when  I  was  leaving  a  little  boy ran  up  to  me  and  hugged  me  and  thanked  me  for the  best  day  ever..................  it  made  me  cry  to  realise  how  blessed  we  are ........  his  best  day  ever  was  a  biscuit  and a  cold  drink.........  how  spoilt  we  are..................
The  number  of  children  needing  help  grew  everytime,  and  before  we  realised  what  happened  we  were  feeding  50  children  twice  a  week,  and  also  when  funds  allowed giving  them  food  parcels,  we  just  couldn't  turn  anyone  away the  need  was  just  so great.......  how  do  you  say  no  to a child....
Today  two  years  later  we  are feeding  almost  200 children   this  is  just  at  one  school,  there  are  many  other  schools  that  are  crying  out  for  help but  we  just  don't  have  the  funds  to  help them.

I  know  that  God  will provide,  and    I  know  first  hand  what  a  difference  one  person    can  make  to the  life  of a child...................

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  1. Wow! What amazing work you are doing! It is so wonderful that you are helping these children. You are making such a difference.

  2. Your story is so inspiring! Thank you for the website...This is truly God's work here on earth and you are like a guardian angel to these little ones. Good Job!

  3. What an inspiration. Those pictures are great. The children look so cute. Kudos to you for taking your time to make the world a better place.

  4. I agree with you Karen. This post made me cry. I am so overwhelmed by the words you have written here. It is wonderful work that you people are doing. There can be nothing more beautiful than making children smile. I am really proud of you. My situation does not allow me to help. But one day, i'll work for them.

  5. Oh wow!!! Such an amazingly inspiring story. Nellie is beyond precious. What a blessing you are to so many children. I pray that the Lord multiplies the effort 10000000 fold!


  6. What a wonderful organisation! You are an inspiration :)



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