Sunday, February 14, 2010


Today  sitting  here  without  a  Valentine  so  to  speak,  i  started  to  wonder  how,  when  and  why  this  tradition  started  so  did  some  investigating.................

Several tales have taken root as the cultural heart of Valentine's Day, most of which stem from the patron Saint Valentine.
One legend describes a priest named Valentine who lived during the third century in Rome. The Roman Emperor Claudius II was building up a military at the time and supposedly thought single men would make better soldiers. To build a stronger army, the emperor outlawed marriage for young men. Feeling this sweetheart ban was unjust, Valentine apparently performed secret marriage ceremonies. When found out, legend has it the love priest was put to death.

Valentine's name was not associated with romantic and courtly love until the 14th century, when Geoffrey Chaucer incorporated St. Valentine's Day into his love poem "The Parliament of Fowls," according to Philip Florio, assistant to the vice president of student life at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia.
The ensuing Valentine's Day has been linked with heroism and romantic love for centuries. Flowers, candies and syrupy-sweet cards help men and women profess their love for one another.
In 1868, Richard Cadbury released the first Valentine's Day box of chocolates, followed in 1902 with the first "conversation" hearts from the New England Confectionary Company. In the 1840s, Esther A. Howland created the first commercial Valentine's Day cards in the United States. In 1913, the Hallmark Company produced its first Valentine card.

Now  that  you  are  all educated  in  why  we  celebrate Valentines  day,  i  would  just like  to  wish  you  all  a  great  day,  as  gory  as  the  history  of  it  might  he,  all that  beheading  and  stuff. What  I  will say  is  that  we  are  all need  to  be  loved,  we  all need  our  hearts  to  miss a  beat  when  that  special  person  comes  into  the  room........  never  stop  looking  until  you  find  that  person  never  settle  for  second  best ................  you  are  the  only  one  who  will pay  in  the end ........... because  to  go  through  life  with  out  true  love,  is  like  salt  without  pepper,  a  sunflower  without the  sun,  a  canary  without  a  song,  a  child  without  laughter,  never take  the  risk  of  looking  back  and  realising  that  you  never  really  knew  what  life  was ................  it  is  just  too  short .............

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