Sunday, September 6, 2009


Spring is in the air, you can almost taste it, the rain we had last week washed everything clean, the trees are showing off there new green leaves, and the fruit trees are covered with the a blanket of pink snow, and we know that this is its promise of fruit in a few months time. Although the early mornings and evenings remind us that winter is not completely over the warmth of the days are sending us outside into the gardens , onto the verandahs, and out into the world that we have been hiding from during the winter months, it has given us hope that new life is on its way.
It is the time of the year when you start thinking about your life, and where you are going, the coldness of the winter in your life is gone, no matter how hard you try you can't hold on to it, life moves on with or without you, we think about the hurt, the worry, the darkness of the mornings and the evenings is symbolic of how we have been hibernating our feelings over the past months, not knowing what the future holds, with the bleakness of our surroundings we seem to view everything on a negative basis, there seems to be no beauty in the world everything seems to be grey and dead, just like our hope.............. and then almost overnight the warmth of the Spring days brings with them the prospects of happiness, spiritual growth, hope but most of all the promise of love........................
And then there is the Spring Cleaning, why do they call it that........... is not as though that is the only time of the year that you REALLY give your house a good clean, i think that Spring cleaning is much more than cleaning house it is almost a spritual cleansing, getting rid of all the old rubbish, getting rid of the cob webs, getting rid of all the stuff that you haven't used all year, it is almost a cleaning ritual, making everything shiny again, everything glowing with the cleaning that it has received, everywhere smelling like polish and bleach, and at the same time when we are in the frenzy of cleaning subconsiously we are clearing out our hearts of all the regrets, clearing out all the people who have hurt us in the past year, clearing out all the bitterness of dreams that have been crushed and desires that have not been fullfilled.
As we clean up our material lives, so we are cleaning up our spiritual lives out with the old and onto the new, you see every Spring we are given a new chance, a new live, a new season to try again, with the new season we are given a chance to make new friends, to dream new dreams and to fulfill the desires of our hearts, but most of all we are given the chance to be the best we can be..................................................because that is what God created you to be.

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