Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Peroni and the bird

About 4 months ago, i got home from work one day and our Labrador Levy had found a kitten, it was in a really sorry state, its eyes were all gundged up, it was full of flees, it was so thin, and wet through because Levy had been trying to lick it to death.
Well off to the vet we went, and after injections and medicines, and flea powder and antibiotics, we had a new cat. Which for a while was just called cat because we could not agree on a name.
This little kitten was wild it was about 2 weeks before you could pick it up without it trying to attack you, and if you just walked past it, it would hiss at you and then dive for cover. But as the weeks went past it learnt to accept us, and its name became Peroni. What was amazing to see was the bond between Levy and Peroni, Peroni would only sleep curled up next to Levy, and it would follow Levy around like a small child were follow a bigger brother and sister. If Peroni got locked out at night by accident, Levy would wake me up to go and let him in, it was really amazing to see.
About three weeks ago Peroni was sick so off to the vet we went again, we thought it was because he had been catching birds the vet assured us that he was still to young to catch birds.............. and that it must have been our other cat ............... ha ha .............. he lied.
I arrived home last night to a bathroom that looked like the chainsaw murdered had been let loose in it, i never realised that one bird had so many feathers, it was wall to wall feathers, the side of the bath was covered in blood where the poor bird had obviously tried to escape at the beginning of the masacre................. there was pieces of bird all over the bath room as my daughter was helping me clean up the mess she assured me that it had not been there five minutes before i got home.............. i wonder, the poor thing still had bird seed in its stomach, the sad part is i put out the bird seed. So this weekend it is off to the pet shop to get a collar with a bell on so that the bird at least has a fighting chance.
I must feel guilty about feeding the birds, it is almost like i am luring them to their death, and i am part of this awful murdering rampage the cat Peroni went on....................

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