Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday, I love Sundays

I realised in my quiet time this morning how God answered my prayers, last week i was saying how i would love to have someone give me flowers, well this weekend i got two bunches, the first from all my friends at work, because i have been sick and away from work for ONE DAY......... they love me what can i say, and the second bunch from my prayer buddy, who when we got together for our prayer hour brought me the most unusual flowers, which just happen to look great in my dining room, it was only this morning that i realised they were an answer to a prayer, God loves me and gave me a gift to show me I am on the right path............... i have been very uncertain about a lot of things lately, but the gift of these flowers show me that the Lord is watching over me and i am doing something right.
I woke up this morning and DECIDED that i was tired of feeling sick, so told myself i was not sick, i got up went to church amazing service our minister is back, and as usual the message was great, i helped with the coffee shop after the first and second services, i forgot how many dishes there were, i never realised our congregation was so big, at one point i was convinced that the person who was supposed to packing the dishes away was giving me them to wash again and again and again and again........................................... so much for the manicure that i had yesterday, my hand are back to old and rough, i think i should invest in some gloves, because i looks like there will be quite a lot of dishes in my future, next week a few of us are organising a 21st for 60 people, so it will be more dishes, i tried to convince them to use my camping trick, which is putting a paper plate on top of the normal plate and then you don't have to wash the plates, well i must say that was not received very well, so i suppose it is going to be dishes, dishes , dishes next weekend.
What i cannot believe is that "helps" is not one of my gifts, "leadership" is one so maybe it is time to delegate can you do that in church...........................

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