Monday, June 8, 2009

Winter is here

I just live winter i love the cold mornings and the cold evenings. i love the soups and the cottage pies and the stews. I love the fact that you can wear long sleeves and jackets.
Our minister always says that we are born in a place for a reason, and i was born in England because i enjoy the cold, even after 41 years in South Africa i still don't enjoy the heat.
I feel like a water fountain in summer and overheat at the drop of a hat, then get bright red cheeks like only the British can, and spend most of summer looking like a giant red wet tomatoe.
The worst time for me is Christmas because it is never feels like Christmas my first Christmas's were cold with fires in the fireplace treacle toffee and roasted chestnuts, and then off we would go to Gran for Christmas dinner, all i remember about that is the gravy was like a jelly and you would have to fish for your food because Gran never did anything in half measures
so you got a good dollop of this stuff she called gravy.........................
We would play outside, not in the snow very often but i do remember a white Christmas, i remember my Dad waking us all up and outside we went to a world of white.
Braai's for Christmas just don't do it for me...................
But the winter reminds me of our lives how this is the time to reflect on what we have done in the past year, and make plans to better what we have done in the year ahead, the hope of better things to come, the chance of new beginnings, and how the coldness of our hearts can florish and bloom come the spring. How even though our relationships have grown cold and seem dead, that in God all things are possible, and maybe just maybe if we change ourselves then God will make the changes in our partner, maybe not all the changes we want, but changes that our partners can make to make our lives better together, that is what i am praying for because right now my marraige is dead and cold, and it is only the promise of a spring that keeps me going....................

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