Thursday, June 18, 2009

Music and Life

My daughter left her CD case in my car the other day, she had needed to use my car, a bakkie to load some shelving for a scrap booking day she was attending, which of course was no problem for me, as i just love driving a "normal" car for a change, i can at least "dice" from robot to robot, which is something that i don't even attempt in my gas guzzling "tank", i can reverse park in a street parking, and don't have to drive around until i can get a parking that i can just drive straight into......... and i can go round corners without having to move my hands on the steering wheel............... i know its sad......... that such small things could bring me so much joy, but i think i am beginning to convince myself that my next mode of transport, is going to be a normal car, with a boot, in to which i can put my shopping, and not be afraid, as i am at present, because it is visible on the back seat, some affirmative shopper, or previously disadvantaged person, is going to break into my car and steal it.
When we swopped cars back she had left her CD case in my car, I realised that both my daughters have "unusual" taste in music, very much like my Dad who would listen to anything, my daughter has Cd's covering rock, country, ballads, instumental, religious music and Afrikaans music, she i must admit, does not have the horror of all music "house" music which my youngest daughter is just mad about, and which she delights on inflicting on me almost every opportunity that she gets, i am afraid or maybe i should say embarrassed to say that i like songs i can hear the words too , words that actually make sense and are grammatically acceptable, and that you can sing along to, without having to miss all the swear words.............One of the CD's she did have was by Shane Ward, ( i think that it his name, but i would like to stand under correction, because with my music knowledge i could be mistaken) which when i gave the CD case back to her, she assured me i could keep because she never listens to it, maybe my daughters are to advanced for such simple and cleancut songs..............
One of the songs on the Cd really touched a cord in my heart, i am not sure what the title of the song is, i am terrible with songs and music, the Backstreet Boys, Westlife and Boys to Men all sound like the same group to me, luckily my children are aware of this and have learned to interpret who i am talking about............., in fact i sometimes think that they are the only ones who understand me when it comes to talking music.
The words tell of people whose, life is just passing by and then one day they take a stand,
" What about me, It isn't fair, i have had enough and i want my share, can't you see I want to live, but you just take more than you give"
How many of us take others for granted, friends, people we work with, how many of us assume that people want to help us, have time to collect, or pick things up for us, and how many of those people are really just doing it because they are afraid to annoy us or dissappoint us...........
How many of us are putting up with situations because we are just afraid to take a stand...................... for me it is time to take that stand............................
" What about me, it isn't fair, i have had enought, and i want my share, can't you see i want to live, but you just take more than you give"

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