Saturday, May 16, 2009

Afternoon tea

Today my friend and i took her mother out for the day, the weather was cold and windy, so we needed to go somewhere where we could be inside, so we decided on the coffee shop at the nursery. In our wisdom we decided to use my car, which is a double cab, and so we hit our first snag. Getting her in the car was an engineering master piece, for some reason her body does not work like a normal person, who would put the one side in and the the turn around and bring the other side in the car. She climbed on the foot rest, held on to the roof rack, then put her one side in, followed by the other side, my fear was that when she let go off that roof rack, she would lose her balance and being of somewhat bigger stature would turn me into a pancake, her daughter, my friend............... was already in the car leaving me to do all the work.
Ma then informed us that she was not going to wear her seat belt as it was uncomfortable, no problem i told her the fine was R 1000 and as long as she paid it, she did not have to wear a seat belt, needless to say the seatbelt was put on with some haste.
The drive was nice and chatty Ma likes riding around, when we arrived at the nursery Ma informed us again that she would stay in the car and wait for us, now you need to understand that we were doing this FOR Ma............... well we told her that was not an option, so out of the car she got. And although she would never admit she enjoyed her walk amoungst the flowers, i became her personnel assistance, telling her the names of all the flowers, and the prices of the various flowers, listening to where she has seen them grow, and how one of her friends would not part with some of her bulbs, her daughter, my friend............................... was already in the coffee shop.
The coffee shop had deteriorated some what from the last time i was there, we had to return Ma's tea 3 times before she got a hot cup, but the food was good, and the company was great, so we had a great lunch.
Ma needed the toilet, and it was about 50 paces off the path we needed to take, it took some convincing that it would be a while before we were home, so eventually she conceded and off to the toilet she went, the cubicles being quite small and Ma being of a bigger stature, proved to be the next problem, Ma and her stick and her handbag could not all fit into the loo at the same time....................... after about 10 minutes, we began to think that she had got stuck in there, and were just about to call the marines, when we heard the flush and we were on our way. It was a really good afternoon................. and again i come back to how important relationships are, they can turn, cold windy days into a memory........................

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