Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers day 2009

In line with my new found need to change myself, the sermon at church this morning was all about change, so i know that i am on the right path, and am trying to do things differently, although i really wish that the service had been the required 1 hour and not 2 hours it played havoc with a lot of Mothers breakfasts.
Well today was Mothers day.......... for once i did not give my my youngest daughter any money to buy me a present, so she forgot that it was Mothers day this was after i was up at the crack of dawn and had made her tea in bed, she had to be reminded by a friend of mine who phoned early this morning to see if we wanted to join them for lunch.
My oldest daughter who is getting married in December had some "financial constraits" so she phoned to say she would pop in later. Which she did, i invited her for lunch, she continued with what has become a tradition she always buys me two new mugs for Mothers day, years ago i decided i did not want six mugs the same, i have two the same and have a collection of about 40 mugs i never get tired of using the same mug, and choose one each time depending on my mood, the cat cup when i want to snuggle up with a book, the flower cup when i am feeling happy and light, the spotty cup when i am in a hurry and the plain white one when i cannot decide, the square one when i want to annoy people they are just so hard to drink from, i could go on and on and again i transgress, having two of each cup i am able to throw them away as soon as one chips or gets old, because i only have two of a mug........ I am not sure why but it makes sense to me.
My husband is still not talking to me since the "doggy do" of yesterday. So it has been a day filled with peace and quiet no requests at all to fetch and carry for him. No making me phone to book a place at a restaurant, no moaning about the cost of eating out, no moaning about the service, the noise of the people...... what heaven.
This was the best Mothers day ever, I sat and read, watched some TV and then for lunch i tried out a recipe that i had been dying to try out for ages because i wanted to................ I did just want I wanted to and that must have been a first for Mothers day, it certainly was a different mothers day .............
Thank you girls for the best Mothers day ever i love you lots and lots.............

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