Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life is about friendship

Hi there, wow what a hectic few days, yesterday was a friend's birthday so we went there for supper, and what really was laid on my heart was what a joyous affair, people coming in and out, it was an almost rotation supper as soon as you had finished your supper you took your plate and made room for the next person who arrived, there was lots of laughter and it really was one of those times that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, that....... it what life is all about it is all about relationships it not about how much you have, what car you drive or how many bedrooms your house has, it is about how many people phone you on your birthday, or how many people just pop in to say hello, life is about how many true friends you have.
Everyone ate far to much they were feeling somewhat bloated and i had read an article about how a teaspoon of honey, with some cinnaman, in some boiling water was good for flatulance (wind), well what a topic that turned out to be.
I regaled a time, when i had flatulated, and it was so bad that my youngest daughter had her head out of the window, gasping for breath, A friend was rolling about holding her stomach obviously because she did not want to lose control of the release valve, she has the same problem, we laughed about how the car becomes a vent vehicle , the minute you are inside and no one else can hear you, and you just have to let "IT" go because youhave been holding it in all day so when you get in the car, it is like an opera with a smell......................
There is a little old lady in our church who not only falls asleep every Sunday, to the extent that she has even been known to fall off the pew, but she also had a problem with her "O" ring but being a wooden pew whenever she lets one slip there is a vibration that runs along the entire length of the pew, have you ever tried looking the minister in the face when he at the most critical part of her service, when you are shaking with laughter.....................
Life is Good

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