Friday, May 8, 2009

Mothers day scrapbooking

I am not someone who likes their photo taken, it is not that i am REALLY ugly and would break the camera, but i am just not photogenic, both my daughters are so don't understand my dislike, they love having their photo's taken. Last Sunday my eldest daughter asked be to do a "photo shoot" as she needed photographs for a scrap booking page she needed to do, my gut reaction was to say no........ but in line of my promise to change myself I agreed.
Well she decided to drag me off into a field just down the road from home, she wanted a natural setting, the fact that we had to illegally tresspass on a farmers private lands did nothing for my confidence on to my being able to relax, as the whole time I was waiting to be attacked by vicious dogs, or shot at by an irate farmer. After about 50 photo's my "beloved" daughter wanted me to climb up a big grass bail, her fiance tried to give me a leg up, that left me suspended on the grass bail hanging on for dear life. When that did not work i went to a smaller bail at the end of the row, and proceeded to balance myself like a tight rope walker over a few bails until i was on the bail where the sun and the shadows were just right and the view was of the hills behind, after I had degrassed my arms, hair and knees, the photoshoot began again. As luck would have it my husband had followed us on his old Royal Enfield motor bike, as is usual with my husbands second hand "bargains" it started to give trouble, so he arrived with his hitler helmet on, "putting" along at 5 km per hour, he then proceeds to "fix " his bike by beating it to death with a piece of wood, compliments of the farmer.
Well we took about 150 photo's of which about 10 were usable. I am either looking irrated full of grass, laughing at my husband, or guiltily glancing around waiting for the consequences of our "illegal" actions. But i had fun even though it took hours to get the grass shards out of my "but", from slipping down the grass bail, change might not be so bad after all.

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